Happy birthday Chief @ Krave Cafe

After trying to find a suitable date when everyone can make it for ages, we were able to finally meet on the 9th May. Since my zumba classes were canceled at the last minute for the month of May, I was able to make it!

Thank you Ju for kindly picking me up from home!! As a result, I was early. Sheila turned up a few minutes after us.



Since we were early, of course we had to spend time taking photos together.


Chief and Bie finally reached after their morning workout. Ju and Sheila are heading to workout after this so I am left feeling slightly guilty for having no plans to go workout today. Hahaha.

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Truffle fries as appetizer for 5 hungry bananas.


We shared this plate of spaghetti. Actually we wanted to order the pizza too but it was not available.


So, we ordered the baked chicken (ayam bakar) and salmon instead. The salmon was especially delicious.

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Happy birthday Hui Mei aka chief! She is the maknae yet she is also the chief, don’t ask how that happened! Lol. We share the most common interest, like our love for kpop and our obsession over cats but ironically, we argue the most in the group too. Lol.


Ah, that is our unique relationship, we are able to argue all the time about the silliest things and still get along just fine.


Love it whenever I managed to capture candid moments such as this. I thought this was the perfect photo to show what is Ju’s facial expression each time she is in a conversation with Chief LOL. #confusedlook


I am not mean ok, so here is one sweet smiling photo from the two of them.


Gift from the Bie, Sheila and Jackie. Looks like a prize presentation ceremony?


My camera love the bananas, they look good in every photo even though some of them may not think so. I think they need glasses, yes talking about you Sheila. 


Happy birthday Chief! Stay innocent and blur so we can continue to make fun of you and laugh at you…. #bananalove


Time for dessert! No gathering is complete without dessert! This is jackfruit flavoured creme brulee and it is one of the best tasting dessert I have ever tasted.


Molten lava chocolate cake makes everyone’s day, regardless of how bad it was.

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I love how the cafe has a vertical long mirror on the wall like this, is it meant for us, patrons, to check how we look before leaving the cafe?


For us, it is an opportunity to take more photos like these.


I could not get the angle right, even though I love both the photos above. We finally gave up and requested for one of the staff to help us take a decent photo.


Thank you for your kind help!

We rarely meet and we don’t go to the same dance classes anymore now, that is why we take lots of photos each time we meet. I think we chose the right venue and time to meet. The cafe was cozy and has a nice ambience, suitable for gatherings with friends.

Missing Jackie our Da Jie again this time so hopefully she can make it the next time!


Thank you bananas for willingly and sometimes unknowingly allowing me to take photos of you. Lol. This squeezed head selfie looks like we are in a garden? Yes?


It was actually right outside the cafe at Bali Lane. I told you the bananas are all photogenic.

After some shopping and seeing what a hot day it was, we headed for traditional homemade ice cream at Tom’s Palette.


It was a last minute decision. We were actually heading to one of the cafes in Bugis but we figured that parking will be a problem there and it will be crowded.


Thank you bananas for the wonderful company for today!! Special thanks to Bie and Chief for accompanying me to shop for clothes that are not black, white or polka dots..

Thank you to Ju too for sending me home, I feel so pampered today lol. Till next gathering, stay safe, injury free and continue to dance. #bananalove

Krave Cafe: 28 Bali Lane Singapore 189864

Tom’s Palette: 100 Beach Road #01-25 Shaw Tower