200th post on wordpress!


I celebrated my 200th post on wordpress today because life is all about celebrating these little victories! God knows how tough it is to keep writing on this blog despite being so busy but in the first place I started writing for myself, not for others. Another main reason why I decided to publicize this blog (and be vulnerable to all kinds of comments and attacks by grammar police) is also because people keep asking me about Korea. Instead of repeating myself multiple times, I simply direct them to the blog…lol. I am smart and lazy.

After a while, this home became a comforting place for me to write all my tangled thoughts. I always feel better after writing and bloggers who respond and dropped kind words of encouragement somehow always make my day. Thank you!


Special thank you to all my friends and travel mates who let me feature them on the blog. (Actually, they didn’t have a choice lol.) Ps: I am no expert on Korea and I am the last person you should ask for directions on how to go here and there. All I know is Korea is truly beautiful and it is worth at least a visit in your lifetime.

If you want to know more about Korea, you can always click on my archives. I have been there thrice and each trip was different in its own way. I hope you find your way there and write your unique version of Korea.

Photo taken at Korean Folk Village in June 2013.