2 bands, 2 concerts in 2 days, what an amazing weekend!

The most anticipated long weekend is finally here! Yay! Who doesn’t love long weekends right? I have so many things going on this weekend.

Started the long weekend with meeting the bestie for breakfast at Butter Studio.


I love the quiet atmosphere of Butter Studio. We figured that it was going to be a long day of fangirling so it is best to have a good brunch first.

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The macaroon was so yums…..

Once we were done, we made our way to the indoor stadium. We reached the stadium at 1 pm and there were so many excited ELFs already there.

Reunited with these two young girls!


The weather was so hot and so we decided to ‘hide’ inside the sports library where the air con was blasting. The show was scheduled to start at 3 pm, I think its the earliest concert I have ever attended. Usually concerts happen at night.


We are really so blessed to have SS6 in Singapore this year. The boys only choose 7 countries for the tour and we are one of those 7 countries. After last year’s disappointment with the organizers, we really thought we will not see SS6 in Singapore.


We are in!! There were so many ELFs from Malaysia and Japan.


The poster says, ‘We will grow old with you.’ Awwww…Wonderful project by Truly Elfs.


I spent a bulk of my time in the morning searching for my light stick. Yup, I could not find it. The last time I used in January was in Bangkok and I was pretty sure I did not left it behind. Anyway since I was running late, I left home feeling frustrated.

However, upon reaching the stadium, there were so many people selling light stick, I had to buy one! How can I attend this super show without a blue light stick?



The show was awesome as usual. Every super show is different which is why ELFs are willing to travel to the different countries to watch the boys over and over again. This Singapore stop was their second last stopover for this SS6. We are not sure when SS7 will be since most of the boys will be enlisted into the army either this year or next year.

Our two favourite babies are entering the army and I think I will miss them so much, more than I miss my own bias when he is in the army.


I am glad the organizers are so much better this year. Love the company and I love that the fans are of different ages. In fact, we saw many families in the stadium, there to watch the concert as well.

After the concert ended, we met up with our friends from Malaysia! Everyone was exhausted but they were more drained than us because they were standing in the pit for the past few hours! Salute! I can never do that.

Of course we felt hungry after concerts because we do sing and dance too like the performers lol.


Thankfully our friends’ hostel was near Paya Lebar area. One KM mall was the best place to stop for food and air con.

It was still early so we brought them to Milk and Honey for frozen yogurt!


We took up half the place. Lol. Even though we were tired, I didn’t think we would be able to sleep early tonight.

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It was a good catch up! The last time we met was in Seoul in December!

I went home and immediately went to bed because the following day was going to be another long and exciting day for me.

Saturday. After meeting with the girls for a short while, I headed to the west to meet Suzy. Quick dinner at Star Vista where was feeling like a lost sheep. Lol.


Today’s agenda.


Since it was a full house event, we were excited to see this whole place filled up. It was huge and it was my first time here.


People were slowly streaming in, they were people obviously from the same era. I was in so much excitement because the last time I watched the boys perform was about 10 years ago. When news came out that they were going to be here for a concert, there was no second thoughts about it. I had to go!

The whole concert was so awesome!! The boys could dance just like before and they were all the same as we know them. I have never been a fan of any group for so long so it was nice when the boys brought us all down memory lane. This year, marks their 20 year anniversary, wow I never imagined being a fan of a band for sooooo long. I did not expect it to be as crazy as SS6 yesterday but it was different kind of crazy. The excited crowd were all standing and dancing and they (me included) could sing every single song!

Back then we had no youtube, we watched music videos from mtv channel, there were no social media, we relied on magazines and official website. There was no itunes so we bought physical albums as soon as it was released. We may not have any fandom name or lights but…. 20 years after debut we are still fans. For one of the song, AJ requested us to switch on our hp lights and we could see the entire theatre beautifully. I thought the crowd will be mellowed down (since most of us are old lol) but noooo. On the contrary, the crowd could sing every song even the one dated 1995! Simply awesome! I grew up with this band so thank you Backstreet Boys for making me, and the rest of us like a teenager again.


I may like a lot of bands but I only stan 2 groups and it just so happened both group came to my country for concert one day after another! Having severe withdrawals now I can’t believe I am still fangirling at this age lmao I am gonna be playing all their songs this week and drown in memories hahhaha I’m goodbye.

This young girl who was also with me yesterday, was not even born when the Backstreet Boys debuted. Lol….we are old. Funnily, this phrase ‘We are old’ could be heard everywhere that night. I heard people saying it in the toilet, inside the auditorium and also on the way home in the train. LOL.


Special thank you to these ladies! I really enjoyed myself the entire night and all the screams have turned me deaf too. Hahaha.


I had GREAT two days! I think I will be suffering from withdrawals the entire month.