Just an illusion


Perhaps you have accomplished more than others, earn more than others, are of higher position than others, have a better job than others, live in a bigger house than others, drive a better car than others, have more savings than others, are better looking than others, have more degrees and qualifications than others, are healthier than others, have been blessed with a faithful husband and joyful children, do these make you feel that you are better than others? That you are more superior than others? That you have made it?

I hope not.

At the end of the day, just like how the sun retreats into the clouds to make way for the moon, you too will make way for the others on this face of the Earth. You too, will return to the Creator with nothing, just like how you came into this world. Simply nothing. Whatever you have and see now are mere illusions that won’t last…..because this is life. We are in fact, all the same. We are nothingness. Stay humble.


Throwback photo of these photos of illusion, which triggered my thoughts and my words flow as the above. Also, hearing news about the passing on of acquaintances too many times these 2 weeks. Life is fragile and temporary.

Photos taken in Trick Eye Museum, Paju, South Korea in December 2014.