The importance of regular girls’ night out

It was the end of a 4-day work week and what better way to start the weekend than to meet with the girls for good old fashioned dinner and movie date.

When Fifi suggested a night movie, I was slightly reluctant because Thursdays are my longest day. My day starts at 7 am and it ends only at 7 pm. At the end of Thursdays I just want to run home and crash on my bed. However, I was able to stop myself from turning down this suggestion because:

1. I don’t want to be one of the those lazy, boring adult with nothing on their plate except their work.

2. I needed to end my tiring and busy week with something fun.

3. I am a nerd dying to watch the latest Avengers movie.

And so I went.

Rushed home quickly for shower and change before heading out again. I was starving so it was my main motivation to rush to Tampines quickly. Lol.

Dinner and food yay! It is worrying how much happiness food can bring me.

20150430_202755 20150430_211013

Thankful to the bestie for being there early to queue up. I had no idea that you have to queue up for more than 30 minutes to go into restaurants on the nights before long weekends. I have not been going out on weekdays obviously.

Dessert is a must. This ice cream on a cookie was soooooo good I could have finished it all by myself. It was a wise decision to share between the three of us, if not I would have turned into a greedy cookie monster.


Finally watching Avengers! I loved the first movie so much and have been waiting for the second movie for ages. Two tickets for Fifi and me because the Avengers is too mainstream for the bestie. Lol.


It was so crowded at Tampines, the theatre was full and we were watching the 9.40 pm show.

Thank you girls!!


This short and meaningful meet up was simply to catch up especially with Fifi, whom I have not seen in months.

As a full grown functional adult working in a fast paced job and environment, I guess it is difficult to take some time off to enjoy and chill on weekdays. While most of us do take the time to that on weekends, I feel that it is not enough. It is almost like living life to the fullest only on weekends, and I hated how it made me feel. That was why I scheduled my workout classes on weekdays. Occasionally, I meet up with friends on weekdays too but it has been difficult to do that this year because my schedule is so packed.

Sometimes I feel that I consist of two different individuals, one who is a professional at work, and the other real me, who is always full of laughter and in the company of friends or family. While both of them resides within me, I would prefer to be the real me most of the time. I did not want to end up being those individuals with nothing to be proud of apart from what they accomplish at work.

Not that I do not care about my work but beyond that, I am so much more than what I can be at work. If you know me personally, I am sure you know how much effort I will take to re-arrange my schedule simply to spare some time to meet you for a meal. I do this because I value your time and friendship and I do not want it to go up into flames. Like plants, friendships need time, love and care for it to grow and stay alive. Neglecting it will cause it to die and disappear forever.

Such impromptu girls’ night out like this acts as a good reminder to live life and enjoy the good things that comes our way. I love how these girls have known me for donkey years and yet they still chose to stick around in my life even though I may not be the most pleasant person at times. Lol.

We should do this more often.