Of smiles and cuddles @ Wednesday Cafe

After yesterday’s grueling and exciting day, all our legs and arms surrendered in defeat. Today, all we want to do is to lie on bed all day and eat junk food. Lol. Oh well, that was how I felt anyway. The rainy and cool morning made it so difficult to get out of bed so thankfully it was a long weekend.

The plan was to meet the girls for a short while before I head to the west for another show. They are going back to KL tomorrow. We were supposed to go to Marina Bay for sight seeing but the girls were still stuck at Paya Lebar at 2 pm. Nurul and me suggested we go sit and chill somewhere nice before all the walking again. I suggested we go to Wednesday Cafe at Tanjong Katong Road since we are pretty near.

From One KM mall, we actually walked to the venue because we thought it was near. Alhamdulilah for the cloudy weather, it made our walk more bearable.

We are here!


The photos and reviews of this cafe have been popping up all over my instagram tlist and from the photos it looked so pretty, naturally I wanted to be here to experience it for myself.

The chairs and cushions were so comfortable, it was calling us to plonk onto it and stay there.


At a nicely decorated corner, hail this pretty swing! Let us take turns to sit on it and pretend we are princesses. Think the P Ramlee show where the princess sat on the swing and sing her heart out while waiting for her prince charming wishfully.

5 2

They even prepared a fake tiara for us on the side table. How do the owners know what we think?!


Another feature of the cafe that got me all excited was this ice cream cart or uniquely named GoFrost. You can place your order of ice cream here and they will cater to your request. I spotted a familiar face who was too shy to pose for a photo but I snapped and ………. too late to disagree. Lol. I am big bully.


Even hearing the bell that signifies the arrival of the ice cream man makes me excited, what more this!


The entire cafe was cozy in general and I secretly wish for a kitchen like this. I love how the counter has an open concept so everything can be seen clearly and that includes how they prepare the dessert and drinks.

8 7

The deal with this cafe is that you pay for the time you spent there. For the first hour, you pay $12 and for consecutive hours you simply needed to top up. The open bar concept meant that you can take any food from the counter. There are no limitations. However, some of the cupcakes and pies are chargeable, so do take note of this.

11 12

It was a nice place to simply chill and have heartfelt conversations with your friends. The owners cleverly prepared a whole shelf of board and card games because how else can you bond with your friends and family than through good, old fashioned board games.


Oh yes, my favourite feature of this cafe is that there are 2 beautiful cats residing in it!


Look how handsome it is! When we arrived it was lounging on the counter and I thought it was a toy because it stayed so still. Lol.

It was so friendly that it came to our table and rubbed itself to one of our bags. I have no idea why it was so attracted to the bag but we were all watching it in amusement because it was too adorable.

Bonus for me because I got kissed by this handsome dude!


The other grey cat made its guest appearance for a while, much to the excitement of the patrons there but it came out for a while and sauntered into this comfortably before going to sleep. Lol.


I did not have the chance to play with it, so perhaps next time!

Before leaving, we decided to take a group photo at this pretty corner.


I am an unsure if this is their photo corner but it is truly pretty enough to be one.



Doing our signature pose!

Thank you to our elf family from Malaysia for coming. We hope you enjoyed your trip here even though it was too short! I really treasure our laughter together and may we meet again soon. 🙂


Thankful for Wednesday Cafe for being so hospitable as well. I am also thankful for the musollah area provided for us to do our prayers. How many cafes out there provides this service seriously?

I will definitely be back!

Wednesday Cafe: 220 Tanjong Katong Road (Halal)