All about love


Its all about love. We are either in love, dreaming about love, recovering from it, wishing for it or reflecting on it.

Maybe one day I can write a full love story for you………not one that always end up halfway or one that didn’t start at all.

For some reason, I posted this quote a few days ago and it has garnered 91 likes. This is highly unusual because I usually get 20-30 likes so I am wondering if anyone promoted my instagram account.

Anyway, I realized I have never mention about my instagram account here. You may follow me there, I usually update there more regularly than here. You can find me under the username ‘drizzling_happiness’. If you are from wordpress, do mention to me there! I tend to block accounts that are suspicious looking or accounts that are doing business.

Thanks and see ya there!

Photo taken in Jeju Island, South Korea in June 2013.