Comfort food @ Ayam Penyet Ria

Finally back at zumba class today and I am so happy to be back! I will only be coming for one zumba class at Studio 02 for this month and next month. My two loveable instructors…..I really miss them and their classes. I love Saturday morning workout classes because it prevents me from waking up too late and it makes me feel less guilty when I go out and eat. Lol.

I had no plans and the parents happened to be free so the picked me up halfway and we went for lunch. I suggested we go to Ayam Penyet Ria because we were supposed to go last week but the one in Bedok was closed.


The bird cages on the ceiling……I used to think there were really birds inside the cages but thankfully, I thought wrong. I am not a big fan of keeping birds as pets because I think they deserve to be free and allowed to fly high into the sky. I think caging them is pure cruelty. Imagine you being caged when you can fly, would you like it?

I had no exciting plans this weekend so that means the only time I can play with my camera is during lunch.


After a few candid shots, the finally agreed to smile for the camera lol.

Food is here! I am starving after 2 classes!


The best thing about Ayam Penyet Ria is the sambal. When it first came to Singapore and there was only one outlet at Lucky Plaza, I remember we used to plan to go there just to eat the ayam penyet. Normally I would hate to go to town on weekends because it is usually so crowded, but for me to brave through the crowd for food, that just goes to show how good the food is.

Now with so many joints popping up all over Singapore, it is not difficult to find an ayam penyet stall. However, I still feel that Ayam Penyet Ria, being the orginal, is unbeatable despite the so many different types of ayam penyets available nowadays.


Now, you can also try ikan bawal penyet (fish penyet) and it is equally tasty. It is the same, except it is fish or course.


Something new! Crabstick fried with flour to make it even more crispy. As yummy as it was, Mum was going on and on about how she could have done it at home too. Lol.


Ok, maybe I shall try to do it at home next time!

It is the last weekend for April and my weekends in May are almost packed to the brim. I look forward to the changes in May but at the same time I am scared. Is it normal to be scared of change? We get too comfortable with everything and everyone around us that when there are changes, be it big or small, it makes us worry and anxious.

I shall embrace change slowly and see where it will lead me.

Ayam Penyet Ria (Nearerst mrt Bedok)

Bedok Mall: 01-71/72