Why you should be more concerned about Earth Day

I am a day late but I wanted write about this because I honestly feel so strongly about this.

Today we celebrate Earth Day. What does it means to you? Growing up, I have never really concerned myself about anything with regards to the environment. I used to think, ‘What is one more plastic bottle right?’, ‘Will it make a difference if I simply throw it away instead of recycling it?’ etc. I ALWAYS think that I am too small to make any difference.

I was wrong.

Now, we face the Earth at its warmest. I don’t remember a day that passed when I did not need to be in an air conditioned room. The 10 minutes walk from the bus stop to my house in the afternoon is one of my least favourite things to do, mainly because the scorching weather was too hot for me to handle. I usually need to drink some water to hydrate myself before I get a splitting headache from the heat.

When I was in Tioman Island a few months ago, I was pissed to see litters on the floor on my way to the waterfall. There were plastic bottles, rubbish, packets of food, all carelessly left on the ground by inconsiderate individuals. I mean, you are blessed to be living so close to nature, take care of it!

I fail to understand why it is so difficult to prepare one dustbin there for patrons to throw rubbish. I could not find any rubbish bin and so, it is no wonder the litters were all left on the ground. I could not bear to leave my rubbish there, knowing that I would have contributed to land and water pollution.


I was also wondering why some of the drivers were smoking away in the forest. If you are promoting beautiful natural life, why the heck are you smoking and polluting the air?

I sincerely hope the locals will take care of the nature. Mother nature is beautiful enough, there is not need to change anything about it.

“Keep close to Nature’s heart….. and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” —John Muir

Honestly, I travel to see and meet Mother Nature. To meet her, get to know her, appreciate her, love her and preserve her. I remember being in Krabi Island a few years ago and was mesmerized at how clean the beaches were. While lounging on the beach, I saw two locals who picking up litters like bottles and plastics that they found in the sea while kayaking. It was amazing. I really respect the Thais for preserving their natural home.

They did not have to do it, they wanted to do it.

I was also impressed with Koreans for keeping the environment clean at Soraksan National Park. There were hardly any litter on the floor and everyone was disciplined enough to keep the park clean.


Each time I visit a part of Mother Nature, I never fail to fall a little more in love with her. I wish I had the luxury of time and money to travel all the time and appreciate the Earth as it is now.

Therefore, I beg you to take these pollution problem seriously. You may think that you are one small dot in this vast Earth but the truth is, you effort will not only benefit us, it will benefit our future generations.

I mean, I don’t want to talk about Venice to my future kids. I would want them to visit the place, explore it and love it like how I did. Looking at the rising water levels now, isn’t Venice in danger of ‘sinking’? Global warming is no joke.

This Earth Day, look around you. I am sure you will be able to find ways to save the Earth a little. Imagine if everyone does this, the impact we make will no longer be tiny, it will be significant enough for a change.

Do it. Earth needs your help now. Happy Earth Day.