Little precious niece

Since I am at home today from mc, let me spam you a post full of my niece’s photos. Last Sunday, after lunch with the bestie, I joined the family for furniture shopping. My bro and sis in law were looking for a suitable for the home since I was free, I decided to join them.

Actually it was an excuse to see my lovely niece! Look at her trying to stand straight. She is pretty strong!


She insist on people carrying her because she would start to wail whenever she was placed in the pram lying down. Lol.


It just goes to shows she has a curious mind right?


This aunty love her no matter what. Look at her lips. She looks like she is trying to tell me something.


So I carried her while we were walking in Ikea. She was quiet the whole time!! Sooooo smart!


Now I know how mothers stay slim. They have to carry the babies, feed them, take care of them etc. I was hungry by the time I reached home.


Anything including instant noodles is fine when I am starving.

Gotta love weekends! Even with this swollen eye! Lol.