Waffle monster @ Peloton Coffee and Juice Bar

19 April 2015

“Time flows in strange ways on Sundays, and sights become mysteriously distorted.” — Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

This was literally for me. My horrifying chronicles of eye infection continue today. I had so many plans for today. I was supposed to head to workout class and then meet the bestie for lunch. I woke up feeling like I had a big ball stuck in my eyes. I checked the mirror and it was swollen, like I have been crying all night. But of course I haven’t. My right eye kept tearing non stop the entire morning and it was still reddish and my vision was blurred so how on earth was I going to make it to class.

In the end I sent a text message to Karen telling her I could not make it. Texted the bestie to ask if we can meet earlier instead and she could so yay!

Dear kids, one thing I learnt today is, when its scorching hot and you look like you are crying while waiting for a cab, no one else will dare to cut your queue. I had problems opening my eyes because the sun was too glaring and my right eye was tearing continuously too so I had to keep wiping it away with a piece of tissue. Probably to bystanders, I looked like I was crying while standing there waiting for a cab under the scorching hot sun, carrying an umbrella. A guy behind me automatically stood behind me and let me have the cab first. Gosh, I think he really thought I was crying lol.

Oh well, thank you anyway young gentleman. That was a sweet gesture.

The moment we arrived at Changi Village, the cab driver immediately exclaimed, “Wah! So many cars! Why everyone come here?”

That is the thing about Changi Village, there so many halal places to eat here, its a hidden gem.


Made it to Peloton Coffee and Juice Bar. It my first time here. I am glad the air con is cooling inside because nothing irks me more than cafes that try to save electricity by turning up the temperature or worse, switching off the air conditioning altogether.

My Sundate.


Much needed mocha for the caffeine addict. #me


There were not too many choices for savoury so the bestie and me ordered the beef and salmon sandwiches.


Ah, it was good. I really like the fact that the cafe was not too crowded and they were prompt with their orders. It was a really a nice place to chill and chit chat leisurely.

They also provided free wifi, this place would be perfect for me to do some writing in, if only its nearer to home and my work place.


Trying to hide the swollen eye by wearing my nerdy glasses. Did it work?

Playing around with the new camera functions and the bestie agreed to use my Nikon camera for June trip! Yay! We are so worn out with work, we talk about our trip in June almost everyday lol. Are we crazy?

No one should come to Peloton without trying their waffles for dessert!


Actually all the waffles looked so good, we were spoilt for choice. Perhaps we can come back next time and try the other flavours. I have been craving for waffles for agesss.


And so I turned into a waffle monster and ate this greedily. Lol.

I loveeee Sundays. And tomorrow I go back to working my butts off. Pardon the swollen eye today. It was worse yesterday. I took photo of my bloodshot eyes and sent it to my close friends to scare them yesterday. It was fun. #crazywoman

I hope it will get better tomorrow.