Having fun at Fake Hobbiton @ Changi International Airport

12 April 2015

Spending Sunday with the family. I look forward to seeing my lovely niece every week. Thankfully she doesn’t live too far away so we try our best to see her every weekend.

Quick lunch at Fig and Olive at Downtown East. Everyone wants to carry her, she is taking advantage of us lol. Smart girl.


She is so tiny and she wants doesn’t like it when you sit down while carrying her. She likes people to walk around while she enjoys the view looking everything lol.

2 3

Yes, I am the crazy aunty who will take lots of pictures.


I am also testing out my new canon camera. I just bought it yesterday so naturally I wanted to bring it today to play with it.

7 6 5

I loveee the creative mode of the camera. It shoots thrice and there will be 6 different versions of the photos. Above are 3 of it. I absolutely love the colours! Even the auto mode (below) looks good!


Combining the different version of the photos into one collage. Cool right?


I decided that I have had it with Nikon and went back to Canon. This is also in preparation for my trip in June, having a good camera is a must to me.

10 11 12

I love how the photos require minimal editing.


Does the food looks good?


I love how the camera cleverly plays around with the colours for portraits too.

16 15

Using the selfie style for the above. Being able to take selfie is every important to me lol. My travel mates will agree and will roll their eyes at the same time lol.


Thanks to its wifi function, I can upload the photos taken immediately to any social network. Ah, everyone, I will be spamming photos on my next trip lol.

18 19

After lunch we headed to the airport. There was an exhibition on New Zealand and Hobbiton and it will only last till next week. Actually its been there for months but I have been too busy to drop by the airport.

I love how lovely our airport is. We won best airport in the world again last year so yay.


My niece looking excited lol.

21 22

We are here! This was at Terminal 3!


A familiar face.


Dad and bro’s old time friend.


I heard that it costs a lot of money to build this. It was built by the same people building the actual set for the movie.



It was crowded obviously. We had to take turns to take photos. My sister in law said this house was perfect for her.


She could even fit in the clothes provided. Amazing. She is that small.


There was a guide on the height of the hobbits.


It was really pretty.



I can’t wait to go to the real place in New Zealand!! Its been on my bucket list since forever!

Trying out the group selfie.

33 34

My niece wanted us to continue standing and walking around but we were all tired. Lol.



She had this intelligent look on her face………like she knows exactly what she wants.


I had a lovely time! Anyway, the airport is not just a place to send people off, its a great place to hangout and shop. Its a great place to take photos too.


Can you see the unique structure of the ceiling? Its so pretty. Actually there are so many unique designs of architecture at the airport, if we really pay attention and look.

Till next weekend!