Experiment and play @ The Lab SG

Ah, so today le partner and me will be spending some time together as we are out for meeting.


t’s been some time and I am the most relieved person to have partner back at work. During her absence, I really felt like having a meltdown myself. One undeniable fact is, no one person can do everything and ace at everything. I am glad we found our strengths and chose to focus on our own fields. It compliments the way we work in peace.

Attending this meeting for the umpteenth time, I think we have gotten used to seeing the group of people come and go. The turnover rate here is so high, I really hope, they, the powerful people up there, will do something to keep the really good workers. I feel slightly sad whenever someone leaves, especially when they share the same passion as us, and at the same time, I really pat myself on the back for surviving for so long in this profession. My fellow comrades and I named ourselves as ‘Survivors XXX’ and I think it really suits us.

Another fact that help me to stay sane despite the heavy workload is to …..be insane.


One very important advice I have on how to stay so long in this profession is to separate your ‘work’ self from your ‘real’ self. I always made it a point not to make it a habit to bring work home, simply because I need to live my life as me, not my professional self. Sometimes it is difficult, but most of the time it’s possible. Of course this meant that I really work my butts off whenever I am at work, I don’t slack because every minute is precious and every minute wasted means that my work will remain undone.

Allowing some time for myself to be my real self outside of work is the main factor why I survived. I avoid being burnt out from work. Instead, I occupy my time with family outings, catch up meetings with friends, workout time and some time by myself to surf the net, watch videos, read and write. On the surface, I may look like I am having the time of my life without a care in the world but come Monday morning and I go back to being my ‘professional’ self, I feel recharged and I perform better.


Being crazy and doing things you enjoy occasionally is vital. It is a necessity, not a hobby. At this age, I feel that I need to know who my real self is, not the ‘me’ at work. It is very sad to see friends who sacrificed so much for work and career so when that is taken away from them, they do not know who they are. A job is a job, you are paid to do it and for some reason if you can’t, someone else will take over your job. No one is indispensable.

That has always been my mentality. Regardless of how outstanding I am at work, it is still a job. It is not my whole life.

Therefore, give yourself a break if you feel like it. That is what we are doing today. We felt we deserve a good lunch so here we are at ‘The Lab SG’.


We were early and the place was not opened yet so we went around the area taking photos and playing with partner’s new toy!


The weather was too scorching hot that we were hanging out in front of the cafe hoping that the staffs would have pity on us and open early but ….nope. They opened the cafe exactly at 12.30 pm.

I have heard so many great things about this cafe so I am here to see for myself. I personally love how the owners used the ‘science lab’ theme. When we entered, the counter was filled with these………………

7 8

It was so impressive, partner and me were staring at all these equipment and we were desperately trying to read all the labels on the test tubes.


Even the water dispenser corner was not sparred from this quirky theme.



Whoever designed this cafe really thought of everything. I am glad we were early because 5 minutes after the cafe opened, people started streaming in and in no time, the cafe was full.

10 11

While waiting for our food patiently, our ADHD selves could not stop snooping around.


Thrilled when our drinks are finally here because I am damn thirtsty and I love the syringe in my drink!


Check out partner’s beaker glass of drink.



We were starving and I am the happiest person in the world when my food came. I was slightly surprised on how small the portion was considering that it was pretty pricey.


Partner’s food looks so much appetizing even with the knife sticking in it.


I must say that the sweet potato was yummy. I am not sure how they cooked it but looks like they have mastered the art of cooking sweet potatoes.

We could not leave without dessert but since we were pretty full, we shared this slice of chocolate cake.


It was yummy to me but to me but there was no way I could finish it alone. If you are heading there, make sure you check the portion so that you will not end up wasting too much food.

I wished we had more time to chill there but did not have the luxury of time. I would definitely want to be back here and try the other foodies on the menu. If you are heading there on weekends, be mentally prepared to wait for 30 minutes to 45 minutes of waiting time since it is always full.

Credits: All photos taken by Shih Pheng and her camera.

The Lab SG: 1 Jalan Pisang #01-01, Singapore 199069 (10mins walk from Bugis MRT)