When you smile….

28 March 2015

Saturday yay my favourite day. My routine for Saturday is the same. Morning zumba with my two favourite instructors and then followed by lunch with the family. Occasionally I will go out with friends in the evening but for today, my time was reserved for my little niece.

Lunch at a nearby food court after zumba. Its funny how I am always hungry after a workout. I wonder if its meant to replace back all the fats I burned during workout. Lol.

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When we arrived at Pasir Ris, she just awoken from her sleep. This is her judging face lol.


Happy face when I am playing with her. She was highly entertained by my nonsense.


Sometimes she looks shocked.


Regardless of what look she gave me, she is my little cute niece and I am the crazy aunt.



I am over excited because I only see her once a week.

Very happy with Nenek too.


Trying to figure out what Atuk is saying because he is soooo loud.


See you next week!! (Hopefully………….)