How to stay sane on home ground…….for those who got bitten by the wanderlust bug

It has been a really hectic week at work and I am almost on the verge of a meltdown. The workload this year had significantly increased and I felt that I am drowning in all the paperwork. I try my best not to bring work home because the long hours at work would have drained all my energy for the day but I find myself bringing work home on weekends this year. Its almost inevitable.

It does not help when friends are constantly uploading photos of themselves on vacations. The wanderlust bug bit me too, yet I am stuck here with work. All I could do was to look at all the photos with envy.


Being in the working force for many years, I guess most of us accustomed ourselves to accept this reality. Travelling is great but hey, let’s be real, we need the money to travel and to get the money, we need to work.

I completely agree with this. I mean, most of us were not born with a silver spoon in our mouth. We needed to work hard to earn the bucks. Perhaps this is why, we keep reminding ourselves of our goals. We go to work everyday, yet our mind keep thinking of all the things we would do when we go for that planned trip of the year.

In a way, we kept our goals clear in our minds while we continue to appear normal and sane along with the rest of the working community. As the day draw nearer and the number of days to that trip gets lesser and lesser, the excitement grows bigger and bigger.

Yup, you reading this and nodding along. I know you. I am just like you.

Therefore, let me share how I stay sane while I continue to work hard and earn the moolah……

1. Go for happy food when you successfully not punch anyone in the face regardless of how frustrated you are at work.

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It always works!! If it doesn’t, you need to order more dessert.

2. Go for a workout and pat yourself on the back


Do you know that if you workout regularly, you actually belong to the minority of the population out there? I know how difficult it is to drag yourself to the gym after a long day of work but trust me, the more tired you feel, the more you need to go. I have a routine of going for workout 2 – 3 times a week. Find a workout that you enjoy so that you will look forward to it. For me, I love everything. I love fitness classes like kickboxing, dance and my favourite is zumba.

If you find yourself having no energy to even walk properly on a weekday, choose to go on a weekend. You will have more energy and you will not be busy trying to catch your breath when you climb that mountain on your trip.

3. Find a furry friend


It is weird because sometimes the ‘one’ that I miss the most when I am away overseas, is my Snowy. Just looking at her makes me happy. It is un-explainable, perhaps all the animals lovers feel the same ways as I do. Never mind that my bestie thinks i am crazy for missing a cat and end up talking to all the stray cats I see when I travel. There is something special about having a relationship with animals, it calms me down and lift my mood instantly.


Actually having a pet a home also helps to lower your blood pressure, especially if it has been boiling the entire day at work. It is a scientific fact!

My Snowy is camera shy, she just hates the camera and refuse to look into it. Lol.


4. Check out the local places to practice your photography skills

This was difficult for me since Singapore is so small. We can travel from one end of Singapore to another end in an hour. That’s how tiny we are. Some of the places may be have been revamped. For instance, I was surprised to see this giant painting of a girl on the walls of shop houses in Bugis. I did not really notice this and I have no idea how long it has been here.


The worst thing is when you travel to extremely beautiful places and your photography skills (and sometimes camera) sucks. You are a disgrace to all of us travelers.

5. Watch korean dramas…..nuff said

For those who are not fans of korean dramas, do yourself the favour and try watching once. Try asking your friends (I am pretty sure at least one of your friends is a korean drama fan) which drama is entertaining to watch. Start watching, soon you will find yourself just like us.

What I like most about korean dramas is how it exposes the culture full of respect. There are no vulgarities, there are no nudity or anything offensive. Korean dramas are actually really ‘clean’ and suitable for all ages. Most of the drama will also have underlying morals that acts as a constant reminder to us watching to never forget our roots.


Trust me….TRY to watch it once. It is impossible not to love it. You can stream it online and watch it in the comfort of your own home. It does not require any money, however, you may end up being a couch potato. Just a warning in advance….

With all that said, I hope you stay sane until that next trip out. I know it is difficult when you are addicted to travelling. Having friends who are equally addicted like you may help you or destroy you completely. Whatever it is, I hope you continue to stay sane while you go to work while envying your friends or other unknown people you follow on your social media.

Just remember that when you finally make it for your trip out, you will be able to unleash that wanderlust in you and do to others the same thing they have been doing to you. Lol.

Photos of food taken at Mad Jack, Nex Mall #B1-27