A palette of happiness @ Cafe Mondo

1st April 2015

We are really late in celebrating my greedy buddy’s birthday this year but we managed to meet on the 1st of April! My lean and thin greedy buddy….


I am always so happy to meet my 3 sotongs. It is so difficult to meet at a time when everyone is available, it even takes effort and lots of coordination so we MUST celebrate each time we gather.


We met for dinner at Cafe Mondo, situated in Orchard Central. Its halal certified and I learned about this place last month when the bestie brought me here to celebrate my birthday.


This cafe has more options for dessert than savoury so we ordered those that looked pretty good from the descriptions in the menu.


I was fascinated by the sunny side up egg in the middle of the pizza! So was my greedy buddy!


We decided not to order too much food this time! Lesson learnt from the last gathering in February lol.

6 7 8

The food tasted really good. I guess Cafe Mondo really focused on quality than quantity.


We shared all the dishes as usual so everyone get to taste a little bit of everything.

Celebrating a birthday is exalting life and being glad for it. On a birthday, we do not say: ‘Thanks for what you did, or said, or accomplished.’

No, we say: ‘Thank you for being born and being among us.’ 


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Celebrating a birthday reminds us the goodness of life. And celebrating a birthday with friends who want to, reminds us that we have lived a life colourful enough for others to want to care about us.


Because the easiest thing to do when we are extremely busy with life’s ongoing happenings, is to forget about it. We can choose to say our wishes via social media, via text or even via a phonecall.

But we chose to meet instead. 🙂



Let’s choose which ice cream flavours we want!


Celebrating with friends, especially with those whom we have shared many years of friendship with, makes is special.


Its almost like collecting all our laughter and smiles, and pouring them onto a palette.


Magically these laughter converted to something that can make us even happier…..it turned into different flavours of ice cream! Its magic!

The different flavours of ice cream, some with unique names, were chosen by us. Some of our favourites were fig and honey, blueberry muffin, affogato and lemongrass and ginger. Actually all the ice cream flavours tasted soooo good.

If you are in a healthy diet, this is totally worth all the calories!


I love it when we get to meet because being sotongs, we always find ourselves in the most ridiculous situations! Lol. Like this Linda…………..


She was busy taking all the photos that will never be shared on social media. I think Linda is the only person I know who does not have any social media accounts. Even my parents and aunties have facebook accounts to share and see photos and they are almost 60 years old. Lol.


I mean, she is different and a rare species. She looks great in photos too, you will never believe her age even when I tell you.


In fact all my sotongs here are photogenic by nature…..you can almost feel the happiness radiating from their actions and smiles from these photos right?


So adorable. Which is why it is a life mission to share our sotong cuteness with the rest of the world. The world needs more of us. We share our photos online for the sake of humanity.

Sometimes we are weird but isn’t that what makes life interesting? I don’t know what is happening here hahahaha.


At the end of the day what is more important is the good times we shared when we are together. It does not matter if we look weird, fat or ugly in the photos because our sotong cuteness will outshine them.


When others look at us they will envy us, at the same time, they will also stay away from us because our weirdness and sotongness is too much for them to handle.


I am thankful for my sotongs. Its been 5 years….we should celebrate this over more food and dessert!

Happy birthday Rena dearie! Stay healthy and happy always!


Here’s to more birthdays and food to come!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muacks… ❤

Cafe Mondo: 181 Orchard Road, #02-31/32 Orchard Central