Eat all day Saturday @ Capstone Cafe and Grill and Cake Delights

21 March 2015

I dont know what I have been doing rotting at home for the past two days. If not for my tuition sessions I think I would have turned rotten at home.

As usual, started my Saturday with zumba. I must have lost my mind recently, I kept forgetting stuffs and this morning I brought the wrong shoes to zumba! These are not cross trainers that I usually bring, these shoes had worn off and I usually use them for dance class.

Guess what happened?


I decided to throw it away. Dear shoes, you have done so much for me for the past few years .Thank you and goodbye.

I went over to Bugis to shower in the gym. I was supposed to meet the bestie at 2 pm so there was plenty of time to walk slowly and shop. I really do not mind shopping alone. I am picky and take a long time to select suitable clothes so when there is someone around, I feel bad when they have to wait. Plus, I do not like to be rushed.

The bestie was held up by her maid so I ended up eating lunch by myself.


Oh well, I had a good book to accompany me. It was also nice to simply sit outside and watch the crowd goes by. The manager of the restaurant was nice enough to tell me that the food that I originally wanted to order was not worth buying. Lol. It was weird because usually staffs would promote their own food and here I am faced with a brutally honest manager.

I appreciate the honesty. Lol.

The plan was to go check out cameras for our trip in June at the IT show. I found one but the other camera I was looking for was nowhere to be found. After an hour of tussling with the crowd , we left without buying anything. Perhaps I should have bought the canon camera but I wanted to check the Lumix camera first before making up my mind.

There was nothing to do and our legs were sore so we end up having early dinner. This is Capstone Cafe and Grill.


The place was cozy and the owner was really friendly.

20150321_175555 20150321_175839

While we were having our food, there was a chinese customer who entered with a bottle of wine. The owner immediately went over to him and explained that the wine bottle cannot be in the restaurant. Even though the customer assured the owner that the bottle would remain tight and there would be no drinking, the owner insisted that the bottle cannot be in the restaurant. The owner then told his staffs never to allow anyone with wine or any other alcohol into the restaurant.


I really like how there was a bottle of chilli available on every table. It was an invitation for the bestie and me to drink more chilli lol.

There were not many choice for dessert here so we decided to venture out. It was Saturday and the night was still young. However, this being Singapore, it was crowded everywhere. The original cafe that we wanted to patrol had a 45 minutes waiting time.

We finally ended up here.


The lovely cafe was situated right next to cat cafe that got me so distracted. This is Cake Delights.


So excited for dessert! Everything looked so good and we were the only customers inside. A group of customers just left when we arrived.


A piece of cake and tart was generously served.



I appreciate moments like this with the bestie because we can talk about everything. I wanted to snap a candid photo but she managed to put on a lipstick first lol. #vain


Love my Saturday!!!


Of course we took a cab home after being full from all the food today. Lol.