Chasing Sunsets in Tioman final part: Thank you for the memories!

18 March 2015

It’s our last day here in Tioman. I woke up refreshed. I had a good sleep here. It was a deep and restful sleep. I have been having problems sleeping soundly these few weeks, not sure if its because of the stress at work.

Buffet breakfast for the last time here. My favourite kind of holiday. Calories overload.


The lovely pool. We saw so many people swimming especially in the morning. I guess I could have gone for a swim too but since we were scheduled to leave in the afternoon, I really do not want to be carrying wet clothes back. It will be heavy and I am reluctant to carry a heavy backpack.

4 2

So we hang around and took photos instead.

My parents chilling.


Thankful that the day was not too sunny. I was tickled when Dad wore this t-shirt today. It says ‘Happy day! Tioman Island’ and it even had a big smiley face on it. He bought it yesterday at the duty free shop. Lol.


I was the photographer for Mum who posed in these photos like a beach model. Lol.


I wanted my fair share too but I had to give so many instructions on how to take a good photo that I gave up. Lol.


When else can we take so many photos by the beach right?


My happy parents arguing on how to pose for a photo. Hahaha.


Renggis Island we miss you this time, perhaps next time!


These benches were calling me to lay down on it.


So we took some time to chill on it.

13 DSCN3663

I love a clean beach! I love how the soft sands goes in between my toes when I walk barefooted on it.


Of course we love the view too. There were so many tiny islands around the main Tioman Island, if only had the time to explore it all.


Last group selfie by the beach before heading back to our room to pack.


I will miss this refreshing view.


Our ferry was only scheduled to leave at 2.30 pm and we arrived at the jetty at 1 pm. Even though we were full, we were told in advance to have our lunch here first because there will be no stopping on our drive back to Singapore. So…..


I was so full but this was sooo delicious. #greedy #fatty

Arrived at the jetty and faced with more waiting time.More time to read for me.


Our ferry was delayed by 2.5 hours and it was so chaotic because people were all rushing to board the ferry. I wish they had allocated seating so that its easy to announce. They had no microphone or PA system, the staffs simply shouted when the ferries arrived.

While THEY think this system has been working fine, I think it would be good to consider improving it. It was crowded and noisy so people may not hear the shouts. What if someone missed their ferry because of this? Anyway there were two foreigners from Europe who were lost because announcement were in malay and it was really messy.

I was just worried we would miss our bus because we were told that the bus would leave Tanjong Gemuk at 4 pm. Guess where we were at 3.45 pm? Yup, still in Tioman Island jetty. It was a 2 hour ferry ride to Tanjung Gemuk.


Nevertheless, I shall focus on the good memories. Thank you Tioman for being so gorgeous. I will be back….but maybe not so soon because there are so many other places I have yet to explore.

We were finally home in Singapore by 9 pm. Thankfully the bus ride home was smooth. Till next trip!