Chasing sunsets in Tioman Part 5: Colour the sky pretty

17 March 2015

After we went back and showered, we rested for a while before heading out again for dinner. I suggested we leave our room earlier so that we can view the beautiful sunset that this place is so famous for and the parents agreed. In fact we left at 5 pm because our guide suggested we drop by the duty free shop that was about 10 mins ride away.

Actually there was nothing much in the duty free shop. At least nothing we cannot find in Singapore. I ended up buying a fridge magnet and some key chains while Dad bought t-shirt for himself. Tioman is not a place for shopping so we were not really expecting much.

We stopped by the lobby to arrange for transport to the jetty for the next day and stayed there for a while to enjoy the wifi. Apart from the coffee house and the restaurant, the only other place that has free wifi was the lobby.

As Dad and me silently sat in peace with our mobiles, I realized we never really separated ourselves from the internet. Its seems so difficult. When we finally have wifi, all the messages, notifications came gushing in, There were so many messages / notifications from WA, facebook and instagram etc, it was hard to track. The wifi was not that strong too so it took ages to read all the messages.

Finally I gave up and told the parents that I was heading to the beach to watch the sunset. I mean, I was here at one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset, why was I spending time with my mobile?


I love how the beach was not crowded. While I was sitting there, there were 2 foreign ladies who took photos at the same spot I did yesterday. It was delightful to watch them take turns taking photos because they were laughing at themselves being all silly and doing all kinds of faces into their camera. I wonder if I look like that when I make the bestie pose for photos when we travel, Lol.


I also loved how fast I could read this book because there was no internet distractions. The peace I felt while watching the sunset and the sea…..

I was determined to capture it all with my camera and within that few minutes when the sun was snapping, I must have taken about 50 shots. Every minute, the blend of colours in the sky changes and it was breathtakingly beautiful.


I loved how my camera was able to zoom to this close.


Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful, but because they are fleeting. – Richard Paul Evans

I felt a little sad when the sun was fully hidden behind the clouds. It was too fast, I felt a sense of loss, like being left by a loved one. Nevertheless, I was thankful for the opportunity to watch this sunset in such a beautiful place. I never get a chance to watch the sunset in my own country because usually I am too busy at work and of course having high rise buildings all around makes this harder.

The blend of red in the sky was so gorgeous, I was completely awed.

I am glad i made this last minute decision to go for this short trip. I am happy with myself for following my heart and trusting my instincts.