Chasing Sunsets in Tioman Part 4: Swimming with fishes

17 March 2015

Our guide advised us to snorkel only after lunch so that the weather is slightly cooler. He brought us to an open restaurant near the jetty.


I simply love dining around waters.


Mee hai lam a common dish in Malaysia.


Since it was pretty hot, the parents wanted something cooling as dessert.


Love the cendol. I love how its not too sweet too.

The guide helped us to rent the snorkeling equipment and since it was the first time for Mum he showed us how to wear and use goggle.  Finally we can snorkel! I have been waiting the entire day for this.

1 2

He was so nice to help us take these photos because I would never risk bringing my phone into the water. He stood on the bridge and snapped photos continuously like a paparazzi lol.


Mum said that my legs resemble the frog’s in the above photo.

Dad was eager to explore and so he did not wait for us!


We brought bread to the sea so that the fishes would come and swim near us. The fishes were always hungry. They never say no to food. I like.


Even though this was not in the middle of the ocean, I still thought it was a good experience for first timers. I am glad I brought the parents to do this with me.


So I accompanied Mum because she can’t swim but I can’t swim too. 

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With the life jacket it was impossible to sink. Even if you cannot swim, you will float. I guess that was why I had no worries. This is me, I have to try things and get out of my comfort zone.


But Mum was worried and kept asking me not to go too far. Lol.


At least she tried to snorkel and look at the fishes in the crystal clear water!

9 10

I was actually torn between wanting to take more photos and actually snorkeling and seeing the fishes. It was so beautiful and at that moment I regretted not having a waterproof camera.

I guess I have always felt the same whenever I travel. I want to take as many photos as I can so I can relive the moment later when I am home but at the same time, I want to enjoy the scenery at that moment and record everything into my mind.


I wished we could stay longer. I have not gone for a swim in a long time. I always lost track of time whenever I am in the water.


So thankful for this experience. Even more thankful to have my parents with me in this experience.


We were so wet and there was no working tap in the toilet. Gosh. There was water in this big basin but none of the tap there was working so we decided to just go back drenched from head to toe.


On the ride back I was still admiring the scenery and I was till mesmerized by the beautiful blue water. I cannot believe I was in it just a a moment ago!