Chasing Sunsets in Tioman Part 2: Why nature is so beautifully created

17 March 2015

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. – Wyland

Our first stopover for the day. We hired a local driver to help us get around the island today. He suggested that we go to this part of the island to feed the fishes because the water here was crystal clear.


There is a museum here about the different kinds of fishes that can be seen during snorkeling there. However, we were too distracted by this view to even attempt to step into the museum.

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The blue colours of the ocean, the pretty white clouds playing hide and seek with the green mountains… was gorgeous.

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This is not something we see everyday. We live in a concrete jungle therefore such views were refreshing to our eyes. It felt as if my soul was cleanse and renewed. Thankful for the really clear sky and great weather.

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As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love.

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We bought some packets of bread to feed the fishes but of course to do that we had to stand on the edges of the bridge.

It can be a scary thing especially for those clumsy individuals like me, but for the best view and to get the best experience, I had to. Sometimes its a necessary to live life on the edges.


I had to convince Mum not to worry, I will make sure she does NOT fall into the ocean accidentally. Lol.


Look how vast the sea and the sky is. Right before our eyes was the South Indo China sea. From where we were standing, we could clearly see the fishes swimming. It was easier to see when we started to throw the pieces of bread into the sea because the fishes will race towards it. It was a delightful sight. Perhaps the fishes were really hungry.


I was just happy to be dangling my bare feet like this.


There was a buoy platform mainly for people who wanted to snorkel in deeper waters. It was compulsory to wear the life jacket.


This was the first time for Mum to feed fishes in such clear waters. It was an enriching and unforgettable experience! I remember my first time swimming among the fishes in Krabi and I was so delighted I kept laughing and kept inhaling the water into my nose. Lol. #stupid #Iknow


A selfie and being extra careful not to drop the camera. Haha.


I felt reluctant to leave because this view was just impossible not to fall in love with. I really envy the people who live by the beach and wake up to this view everyday.


Its always a reminder to remain humble in life no matter how successful you are. Look at the vast sky and ocean and how small we are compared to it. The next time you think you are more superior than everyone else, take a look at these kind of pictures and reflect.


Why nature is so beautifully created is to remind us where we come from. Its our responsibility to take care of its purity. I was so delighted to see the clean beach. This is God’s gift to us, we must not pollute it.


We will be back here in the afternoon to snorkel! Next destination, waterfall!