Chasing Sunset in Tioman Island Part 1

16 March 2015

So about one and a half week ago, I decided to drag my parents to the NATAS fair that was happening at Expo. It was a last minute decision because I wanted to check out some of the good deals that people have been talking about. I had no intentions to book for any trip because I had initially planned to go to Bintan for a short trip with the parents this March.

However, life has been incredibly hectic and I kept delaying my booking of the resort in Bintan. I finally decided to procrastinate just a little bit more just in case there are better deals during the NATAS fair.

Well, that was how it all happened. This little booth near the entrance had really good deals for short trips to Tioman, Redang an Langkawi. Looking at the offers and the conveniences, I decided to book it right there.

So here we are on a trip to Tioman for a short getaway. Just the three of us. Its funny because I think this is the first time that we are going away together just the three of us.

I really like our package because it was not only cheap,there was no schedule attached, meaning that we could plan what we want to do there ourselves.

So our bus departed from Singapore at 6.30 am. We had a short stopover in Johor for breakfast.

1 2

The Malaysians call it ‘roti canai’ instead of ‘roti prata’ here.

Like any other holiday, we anticipate a good time.

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Our bus arrived at Tanjung Gemuk jetty and this little creature welcomed us.


Our ferry tickets. The staff were friendly and organised and we really appreciated that.


We had an hour of waiting time before we board our ferry and while I chose to read, my parents chose to eat snacks. I had no choice but to join them. Oh well……….calories gain during holiday is not counted. #excuses


Low tide while boarding our ferry.


It was a two hours ride. Yup, it was THAT far. We know we are almost arriving when we see clear crystal waters.


We have finally arrived in Tioman! The blue waters really made me excited!


On the bridge near the jetty. Doesn’t this remind you of Venice?


This photo was from our shuttle bus to the resort. Actually it was more like an open lorry. Lol.


Look at the beautiful view that greeted us. We checked into our room and rested for a while. It was almost 3 pm and dinner was only going to be at 7 pm. We were starving but we decided to consume whatever bread we brought so that we can fully enjoy the buffet dinner later.


I love how our room was surrounded by nature but I did wish they gave us the room on the first floor to prevent the hassle of going up and down the stairs. I mean, I am travelling with 2 senior citizens and my own degenerated knee is a senior citizen too.


At 5 pm, we left our room to take a walk around.


Our room was not in front of the beach but it was a 5 minutes walk to the beach.


To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude. – Jeanne Moreau

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It was time to chill.



Its funny how we seem to notice certain things when our minds are stress free.


The beautiful flowers matches my pink scarf nicely.


The resort was beautiful, it was worth it to walk around for a bit even though the parents’ legs were aching lol.


Actually I was more excited to watch the sunset! I read that the view of sunset from Tioman is the most beautiful so I wanted to see it myself.

This is one of my favourite photos of Dad with the sun setting in the background.


There it is….


I don’t know what it is about the sunset that is so calming to the soul. Its almost as if I am addicted to this beauty and cannot stop staring at it.

I wished I had stayed longer to see the sun fully set but all our tummies were making music loud enough for a concert by the beach, so we headed to the restaurant for food.


I love how soft the sands were. Oh well, I will be back to watch the sunset tomorrow!

For now, food.


Love our first day here. I can’t wait for tomorrow!