Capturing smiles of the little ones

14 March 2015

Saturday is my favourite day. This is mainly because I start the day right by going to zumba. I love morning workouts because it forces me to wake up early and the adrenalin rush gives me a feel good factor and it will usually last the entire day.

The parents picked me up after zumba and we headed to lunch. Not a healthy lunch of nasi briyani but this was shared with the parents. Who can finish this full plate of rice?? Gosh.


We picked up Humairah because its been so long since we last saw her. Before heading to bro’s place, we heard that my baby niece just fell asleep so we decided to hang out outside first before heading there.

We went to Downtown East and we saw this! It looks fun so we asked if Humairah was interested to ride on it and she said yes.


t turned out that it was her first time and she was terrified. Lol. Oh well. There is nothing that good food and ice cream can’t cure right?


Food for my dearest cuzzie. Ah…I miss ice cream.


She was happy once again! Just a few minutes ago she was crying lol.


They all grow up too fast.


We are finally here at bro’s house and look who just woke up!


Aww I miss my cute niece!


She seemed excited to have so many people playing with her.


Oh I wish I can play with her everyday! We are so many years apart, I would be an old woman by the time she is a teenager.


Someone nearer to her age is her youngest auntie, Cik Humairah! She is three years old this year and my youngest cuzzie.


Looks like she has not mastered how to hold a baby yet. Can’t really blame her, she has always been the youngest.

This is how I look when I am excited for you to lift me up.


This is how I look when I am contented.


This is how I look when I am wondering what you are doing.


First lesson from your auntie, how to selfie.


Love love love. We spent half the day with her and I am so happy to be spending such precious time with my lovely niece. We spent the entire time trying to make her laugh and when she did it made us happy too.

Dearest niece, we make you laugh now so I hope when you grow up, you will make us proud and fill our lives with more laughter.