Happy birthday to Baba @ The Landmark

8 March 2015

So the brother was suggesting that we have our celebration for Baba’s birthday here. This place is fairly new and just recently certified as halal and knowing me, of course I wanted to go and try the food there.


Apparently, sis in law dined here previously and she informed us that she had a pleasant experience. The food was delicious and the price of the buffet was not exorbitant. It was worth it.


I love the chandelier.

The spread was pretty wide. They served mainly Mediterranean food and everything looked so good.


I loved the view from the balcony but since we were there for lunch, it was too hot to be seated outside. Perhaps it would be nicer to eat at the balcony for dinner.


Mum decided to invite Cik Ya and family too since today was Cik Ya’s actual birthday.


Happy birthday!! I can’t remember the age but please don’t blame me because sometimes I forget my own age too. #old


The way into my parents’s heart is good food.


We managed to take photos with the famous and handsome head chef and the family was explaining to me about how he won this cooking competition on tv. Of course I was clueless on who he is because I don’t really watch tv. Lol.


Please pardon my ignorance and lack of interest.

Someone is happy because he received a birthday present.


It is such a big box woah.


It is from bro and sis in law.


Not from me but just wanted to be included in the family pic. Lol.

13 14

There was even a card. Wow…its very rare for Baba to receive a birthday card. Lol.


Of course he was happy because it has his favourite soccer team label on it. #Idontunderstandthispassion


It turned out that the box contained all Liverpool’s merchandise! Ok, not all but there was a towel, a key chain, scarf for the car etc. Of course very happy la!


Sorry I didn’t get any present but I treat Baba on weekly basis eh.


The food was really good. The variety of food may not be huge like other halal buffets in Singapore but who can eat too much right. I felt that the chefs had focused on quality instead of quantity.

I love how the atmosphere was not too noisy too, despite it being lunch time and it was pretty crowded in the restaurant.


We are happy customers and I will definitely come back! I was too full to take more desserts lol. I usually take a bit of everything in buffets but I was too greedy when we arrived. I mean, it was after 12 pm and I did not had breakfast.

One group photo before leaving because we could not eat anymore.


It was still early so we decided to explore the outside. There was an extended part of the restaurant outside, facing the pool!


I love the atmosphere. If it was not too hot, I would have chosen to sit outside…….but then I would be far away from the food.


The weather was really too hot. I really felt like jumping into the pool to cool off.

But I didn’t. Instead I made my parents, auntie and uncle posed for these crazy animated photos. Hooray.

29 31

Love the view……and the facial expressions.

Eating and chit chat time is always appreciated.



Cik Ya and my mum looked the same.

On the whole, it was a really lovely experience. I could not get enough of the naan and dip, it was so delicious! I would have eaten more if I was not too full.


The Landmark

390 Victoria Street, #05-01 Village Hotel Bugis, Singapore 188061.
(Formally known as Landmark Village Hotel)