Reunited with Dancing Bananas

7 March 2015

I have been looking forward to today since we successfully fixed a date and time to meet. We used to meet either on Thursday or Friday nights for birthday gatherings but for the month of March, I was not able to, so I asked if Sheila was ok with meeting for brunch on Saturday morning. My zumba classes on Saturday mornings were on alternate weeks so I was able to make it.

Initially Sheila and me decided that we would meet and then whoever who was available are welcome to join us. If they were not able to make it, its fine too. Of course we hoped that everyone would be able to make it.

Turned out that 4 of us could make it so we proceeded! It was difficult to wait for everyone to be available so this was good.

We met at Secret Recipe at Plaza Singapura. It was an ideal location for us who were from classes and for us who were going to classes.


I was starving from no breakfast and I was looking forward to stuff my face with this fish dish that I once ate here. Unfortunately, the waiter informed us that all the fish dishes were not available. Why!!!!!!!!

I ended eating this chicken thingy with lots of onion on it. #dramatic


Oh well, I shall not get all work up because of the food. Finally meet the bananas I missed!


We only had about 2 hours to catch up because Sheila and Ju had classes at 1.30 pm. We had to be strategic and focused in deciding our chit chat topics. Lol.

Happy birthday my Feb banana! Of course I think you don’t look like you aged a bit from the first time we met more than 5 years ago. I can’t remember exactly how many years ago. 


I took so long to choose this gift. Hope you like it!


Thank you dearie for the jacket ❤


I was overjoyed when Ju first informed me about her decision to wear the hijab. Its always happy news to me when they make such life changing decisions.


She underestimated the size of my waist. Lol. I need to go for more chiong workouts.


I love the pants! I really hate shopping for clothes for myself. Lol…I think its a bother and I would rather sleep at home.


Last but definitely not least, with the one I argue with the most! Hui Mei our maknae! Ah, our gatherings are never the same without her because there is no one to laugh at. LOL.


Since we were in a hurry, everything was short and sweet. All the photo taking were on-task. I felt like a student in a classroom. Lol.

12 1113

What is a gathering without dessert?

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The oreo cheesecake was delicious. There was a bit of marshmallow taste in it, I am not sure if its really in it. I wanted their famous banana chocolate cake but it was not available.

Maybe I was not meant to eat too much.

We left at around 1 pm and I decided to join Sheila and Ju for classes at their gym. I have not danced with the bananas for years so this was exciting.


I did zumba and jazz. The studio was pretty small and I like how it was not too crowded. The current gym that I frequent is always crowded, it can be pretty annoying.


I miss jazz so much!! I have not done jazz in years that I struggled to wear the foot thongs. Yup. I was sitting in front on the side, trying to ensure that all my toes were in the holes but somehow one always went missing.

I know. How ridiculous and embarrassing. Sheila already laughed at me ok.

I stopped doing jazz a few years ago because there was not a suitable time slot for me. Most of the jazz classes were on the evenings that I was not available or were on odd timings on weekends. I really love jazz so it was pretty sad that I had to give it up. I seek comfort in a regular hip hop class instead and that was enough to keep me happy.


I was also happy to see our banana instructor! Its been so long! The minute he saw me, he was shocked and came over to give me a hug. Lol. I wish I could stay for the third class but I had already promised to meet the bestie so I had to leave earlier. Yup, I had to leave mid way. Before leaving, I gave Sheila and Ju  big hugs and I was surprised when this banana instructor stopped his teaching and gave me a hug too. Awww.

At that time, I am pretty sure all the eyes of the girls in the studio was on me and wondering who the hell I was lol.

Ah, good times. I really miss dancing together with the bananas. It felt like the good old times, wished all the bananas were there because that would have been more fun.

I am so blessed to find a passion in dance because my other passion is eating yummy food. Its a good balance. Lol.

Thank you bananas for the lovely time!! Let’s do this again soon!! Love ya all. Muacks.

Secret Recipe: Plaza Singapura #03-18