This is how Sunday should be like

1 March 2015

Welcome March! I asked the bestie if she was free for brunch and she was yay!


 I have been wanting to try out Gelare’s breakfast pancakes so that was why I chose to come here. I was the first one there and it was pretty quiet. I kinda like the peace. Perhaps next time I can come here and do my work.

Pancakes yay. But I thought the portion was small and there was nothing special about it. I could have whipped out a better version myself at home.

20150301_120047 20150301_115622

Actually when the bestie arrived it was almost lunch time hahaha.

I went to Popular for a quick visit. I am so glad this mall has everything.

We headed to Milk and Honey because somehow we felt dissatisfied with our brunch. Frozen yogurt for this scorching hot weather.


I ordered the chocolate divine and it was soooooo yummy I finished the whole thing myself. Lol.


The bestie ordered the healthy version of mixed fruits.


I can eat frozen yogurt everyday in this weather! We should have more frozen yogurt dates in the future to cool us down. The weather has been really hot.


Always nice to catch up with the bestie. Yup we are on chat everyday but meeting in person is always special.


Let’s celebrate me being able to breath from both my nostrils!! Goodbye flu!

20150301_133445 20150301_133501

I wished I could stay and chat longer but I was rushing for the afternoon class and my niece was also at home.


I miss my niece so much!!! I will have more time with her next week! Look at how cute she is! She was starring at me in my telekong as I rushed for Zohor prayers in my room. Lol.

I was so late for class that I decided to skip CL. I was glad I went to hip hop class because there were only 3 people in the class. Karen, being sweet, said that we will do the class even if there is only one person that is me.

With the outlet closing in 2 weeks, I am so going to miss this class. I specifically renewed my package for this class and now that the outlet is closing, there is no more hip hop class from Karen. Argh.

I really hope they will reschedule because I still want to attend Karen’s hip hop class. I shall treasure these 2 weeks of class. The routine has tricky footwork but I am glad I managed to get it. I was breathless too, not sure if its from the flu or that I am unfit having miss workout for about 2 weeks. I am glad I went.

Dinner with the parents after grocery shopping. So happy to see halal Japanese food!!


I love my Sunday. I wish every Sunday was this awesome.

Gelare (One KM mall): 

11 Tanjong Katong Road, #03-K1

Milk and Honey Artisan Yogurt and Dessert Bar (One KM mall):

11 Tanjong Katong Road #01-63/64