Making memories @ The Royals Cafe

25 February 2015

It was a normal hectic Wednesday. While rushing (I am always rushing!) to go to class for the FTGP interview, Cat asked me if I was free at 8 am. I have no 8 am classes this year so I was free. I thought she wanted a short meeting. As usual too, our meetings and discussions are often impromptu.

At 8.30 am, all my colleagues in the office broke into a happy birthday song. Lol. I have never had so many people singing for me before so this was a shock.


 With my powerful team, missing partner of course. Thank you ladies who are always working alongside with me regardless of how crazy the situation is …..because we are crazier than whatever situations thrown at us hahaha.


Wendy just had to cut for me the biggest piece.


It was delicious and it was all pretty fast because we had to rush off to meeting at 9 am. Thank you dearies for doing this every year!

We had special CNY lunch today so there was no meeting.


In matching outfit with this lady again!

Our annual CNY lunch.



Wendy and me choose to sit near the table of food so we can get second helping easily. Here are my two colleagues looking all cute. Lol.

I really appreciate the free food and time with colleagues.

I went home early which is rare to rest a bit because I was scheduled to meet the sotongs for dinner at Eastpoint at 7.30 pm. I left home at 6.15 pm to make way to Eastpoint and ended up being earlier than expected. At first I wanted to do maghrib prayers at Tampines but I decided to alight at Simei instead and look for corners to do it.

I did found it! Yay. We met at The Royals.


Always very happy to meet the sotongs! This place was decided by Rena and it was an excellent choice because there was very little probability that we would end up lost. We always get lost during gatherings. I am not even exaggerating.


With Linda! Its funny how we talk to Linda about social media at EVERY gathering and still she is the only one I know who is without any social media accounts. Lol.


I wanted something light so I ordered a beef sandwich. The meat was tender and it was pretty filling.


The Royals Cafe was mostly known for their signature shepherd pie.


Apart from our individual’s orders, I did not know that the sotongs ordered so many sides! A whole table full of food!


Oh my, I think we will have a difficult time trying to finish everything! Let’s snap the photos quickly so we can dig in!

Linda looked like she was posing for a kawai pose so we took photo of her with the plant. Lol.


While we were enjoying the food, there was a sudden outbreak of ‘Happy birthday’ song and guess who walked into the restaurant?


Joyce!! She was carrying this box lol. Imagine the shock on my face to see her! I was so ecstatic she came! I have not seen her in weeks!

It feels like all my favourite people I got to know from the gym were there. ❤


Of course a gathering is not complete without dessert!


Pretty rainbow cake and they made me sit there to pose for photos. So paiseh. I am used to be behind the camera taking photos of everyone. Lol.


Thank you sotongs for celebrating my birthday with me every year without fail!


All the cakes looked really good.

Taking mandatory group photos to preserve the memories.


The memories will be fonder when we show our true selves. Crazy poses! Hahaha.

28 29 30

I love all our crazy photos. Regardless of how many years ago it happened, it still bring back the smiles to my face.

Thank you sotongs!! Here is my special thank you to each of you, in no particular order.


Thank you Joyce for always being there to care and nag at me. She is the only one who still call me ‘sayang’ after all these years. She really made me feel so loved and I treat her like family.


Rena my greedy buddy! Somehow we connect through our love for food but how come she is skinny? Lol. Thank you for always staying connected with me and sending me virtual hugs and kisses when we don’t get to meet.:)


Linda! Look at how small she is and how big I am….and she still calls me ‘baby’ at times. Lol. She is one of the nicest people I know and I am soooo glad after so many years of not working out together, we are still in touch. Love you lots.


Last but not least is my love, Madeline! Thank you dearest for always being there and always checking if I am ok and sending me encouraging messages. She is so busy now, yet she still bothers to care. We really form a great team ad I cannot wait to reunite with her in zumba in March!

And when we are together, we are never low on laughter and silly moments. Its amazing how our ‘sotongness’ has remain constant all these years. I think it is what bonds us together lol.


I really appreciate every single one of them! Thank you for following my instructions when taking photos! Hahaha.


One normal one ok. See? I am nice.


Big thank you and hug for always making time for me. I really feel so blessed tonight. I was looking forward to a good dinner with good friends but at the end of the night, I realized that we have passed the 5 year mark. Even though I am above 30 now, they still treat me like the baby of the group. Lol…this is so rare to me because I am usually the eldest everywhere I go.

I went home by train and bus and upon reaching home, my parents looked at me in disbelief and wondered how I carried everything while taking public transport. Lol.


All these from 4 people! Gosh, I feel like a 5 year old celebrating birthday lol. Love it all but really, there is no need for expensive gifts. I appreciate all gifts because its the thoughts that count.

A pisces just need someone who is attentive and know that little things mean a lot to them. 

Thank you everyone for always pampering me! I will hold the memories we created close to my heart.


This year,  I celebrate your presence in my life for the umpteenth time! Hooray. Love ya all. Here’s to more joyful memories together. Muacks!!

I always tell myself that I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well.

You know what? I think I already did.

The Royals Cafe SG: Eastpoint Mall #01-31