Farewell lunch @ 21 on Rajah

18 February 2015

Its almost the end of February. No doubt February is a really short month, but I have been too busy to be emo this month. I guess its a good thing? Lol.


Trying to finish as much work as possible on a half day. I have so much to do and no time. Quickly packed my things and joined the orang kampung for lunch. I left later with Kak Nori who drove. Apparently the place only opens at 12 pm so they were really early. They were chilling in the lobby but as soon as I arrived they said that the staff suggested we chill in the musollah. So they brought us up.


The musollah is actually a really small hotel room. It was really cosy and perfect! This was the ladies’ musollah and the guys had another designated musollah.


Really impressive. We sat around and chit chat since we had about 45 minutes to spare.

When it was finally 12 pm, we went down to get ready. Some of us were really starving especially the one pregnant with twins. Lol.


Finally inside yay. I did not know that it was a buffet spread.


The place was newly opened but I really love how the place was really spacious and nicely decorated. I also love how they used white as the main colour of the restaurant. It made the place looked so much bigger.

I was too hungry I forgot to take photos of the food. Lol. The variety of food was not much but whatever was there were all tasty. This beef steak was really delicious, most of us went for second and third helping.


I guess the quality of the food really made up for the little choices in the buffet. There are usually more food for buffets.

A little gift for Amirah who was leaving for further studies.


It was a student friendly package. we had a long discussion on what to get her because we had no idea. Lol.



Thanks to Nurul who did all the shopping and packing!

A group photo. No doubt the numbers of orang kampung has grown due to 2 new members today but seeing one leave is always sad.


A few crazy shots is a must!


I know why the orang kampung is so fond of buffet because we can take our own sweet time to eat and chit chat. We don’t usually have the time to do that during working hours.


Dessert. The spread was dessert was tempting!! Say goodbye to healthy diet and hello fats for this long weekend.

Since it was our last time with Amirah before she leaves, we had to go out and take more photos. Thanks eh Haikal for including this uncle in all our pics.


Finally one that is nice without the uncle. Lol.


Since it was CNY celebrations, we were all in bright colours!

16 17 18

Haikal looks the sweetest here. Hahahaha.


Some candid shots.



While talking, I found out that Halimah, one of the newer orang kampong thought that I was younger! I thought she was older than me too! I really called her ‘Kak Halimah’ when in actual fact, she was 3 years younger than me! Gosh so embarrassing. I was shocked when she revealed her age and said that I was older. Both of them looked even shocked when I revealed my age. Lol. Apparently one of them thought I was in my twenties.

Wow. That made my day! Lol!


One squeeze head photo called wefie. Thanks for the lovely time and I am glad these people really make my work so much more colourful. I am really blessed to have such great colleagues all these years, probably one of the main reasons why I am still there.

Suddenly I wished I was leaving with Amirah. Lol. Take care and keep in touch!