Which camera is the best?

So we decided to skip Sakura this year. Was I sad? Slightly. I was all geared up to pack up ad leave, even if it means taking unpaid leave again. Yup, I have reached that point in my job that I prioritizes my own emotional well being more. I love what I do as a living and I have been working really hard all these years so I do not see why I cannot take some time off to strike off something from my bucket list.

So now that June and December trip has already been decided, I am looking at going for one short trip in March. Perhaps a beach holiday with the family, to unwind a little.

I have been so busy to even research online. I really need to sit down and look at where I want to go next.

I am excited for our June trip, mainly because its going to be somewhere I have ever been. Plus, my travel mates have been talking about it on a daily basis!

Looking back at my last trip in Europe and Switzerland, I am filled with regret because of the lack of good quality photos. Yup, after two years, I still feel sore about losing my precious camera. The photos that I took using the ipod just was not good enough for me and I could only rely on my memory on how beautiful the places where.

This time, I think I need to be more prepared. My current Nikon camera is bulky and I am currently looking to change it to a smaller camera. A friend suggested the latest model of Canon Powershot G7 and after looking at his camera I was completely impressed with it. Even though I am looking for something small, I do not want to compromise the quality of the photos. God knows when I can come back to all these places.

I have also been looking at GoPro cameras. For the December trip in Korea, Effa brought her GoPro camera and I was also so impressed with the photos. I love that its small too.

Here are some of the sample shots. All photos are from her GoPro camera. This is Namis Island in winter.


I really love how the camera was able to capture nature in wide lens. Its best for outdoor photos. Here are the photos taken in Provence Village, Korea.

2 3 4

Furthermore, some of the travelers I follow in instagram have been using GoPro camera as well and I am loving all their photos.

If you have any recommendations on a good, small and compact camera, please let me know! It must be dummy friendly too lol. If you have experience using the Canon Powershot G7 or the GoPro camera, do share you experiences with me too!

If you have any sample photos do leave me your link so I can hop over to your site to view! Thanks!