Welcome to the world my precious niece

1st February 2015

Hello February. Its the most special special month of the year, not because I was born in it, but because it is the only month with 28 days. I really believe I was specially chosen to be born in this special month.

The morning was greatly brighten by the presence of this cutie!!


Isn’t she adorable? Finally she is 43 days old and we can upload her photos on social media! Yay.

Got this from Korea for Humairah but I think her head is too big now so Mum suggested we keep it for this cutie. We tried it on her but her head is still small! Lol. Its ok, we shall keep it for her.


She thinks Atok Amin is too loud! Lol.


First grandchild for the parents of course the parents are excited.


The parents are so happy playing with this cutie. Long wait is over!


Saw this yesterday and bought it all for her. She is, after all, the first grandchild and first niece so of course she will be so pampered by us.


I love the words on the shirts!


She only stopped by for a while. Well, it was good enough and it was also good that she was awake. She was always sleeping whenever we visit. Lol.

My precious niece, you will be so loved by all of us.

A few hours later I met up with Diana and Mami. I rushed there from the supermarket because I am auntie and I was able to spend an hour with them. It was short but better than nothing.



For some reason, the waffle was hard. It was nice and fluffy the last time so I don’t know what happened.

Next week I go back to my Sunday afternoon dance classes. I have been missing it for 3 weeks and I miss it so much. This also means that I will have lesser time for such leisure moments.

I wish I can have it all, I think I still can but I just got to give up some things occasionally. We all know the secret to life is balance but how difficult it is to have that balance. I have been living the adult life for a decade and I still struggle to find that ideal balance.

What I learned from past experience is to capture joyful moments and reflect on the sad moments. Angry moments will past so always look forward and expect only the best to happen.

February be kind to me.