Leisure Saturday

31 January 2015

Its the last day of January!! Wow, it really went by too fast.

Started my morning at Studio 02 doing zumba!! Oh how much have I missed it! I was slightly shocked when Madeline was not coming but Joyce’s presence really cheered me up!


I miss Joyce. It seems that we have not met for a decent meal for a long time. Soon ok!!

Le parents and me decided to bring Humairah out today. I have not seen her since I landed in Singapore in December so its almost been a month. She seemed to miss us too, occasionally mentioning us to her mum. Lol.

We met at Swensen’s because she wanted to eat ice cream. She knows we like it when she wears such pretty hair bands but we all know she hates wearing anything on her head. LOL. She just does it to please us.


Look at how happy and chubby she is!!


Looking very happy to be here as usual. Free food and I think she thinks I am rich since I always give her and everyone a treat LOL.


I miss my mak nenek!


She could not stop talking. Rambling on and on like a makcik kepo. LOL.


Food is here yay!! I am starving.

7 8

Everyone decided to order pasta.

9 10

I wanted to be boring and order my regular fish and chips but I thought I should change and order something different this time. So there was a new dish on the menu called ‘black in squid pasta’ and I decided to give it a try.


Actually it was pretty nice but after a few spoonfuls, I was kinda sick of it. It was too creamy for my liking. You will like it if you prefers creamy pasta.


A trip to Swensen’s would not be complete without ordering ice cream!


Two types of of ice cream and look who was too excited. LOL.


I love how ‘The Rock’ ice cream had dry ice and was giving this smokey effect. It really amused her and even us, the adults.

As for me, I got my salted gula melaka ice cream, much deserved after a week of hectic work. This was shared with my parents even though I can actually finished this all by myself. Lol.


Ice cream makes everyone happy…..and a little sugar high.


We did not have much time to shop around but this mak nenek saw this in a shop, took the handbag and started to pose for a photo. Did she think I was her cameraman?! LOL. She was really just standing there waiting for me to take photos of her. This girl ah….


Love Saturdays like this. You have no idea how busy I am on weekdays so I really appreciate leisure times like this on weekends.