SS6Bkk wow best experience for Super Show!

10 January 2015

Warning: This is totally a fangirl account of a kpop concert so if you do not like fangirls or kpop, please skip reading this! No need to judging and most definitely no sarcastic or cynical comments. Thank you!

Thanks so much to Bon, who helped us purchase tickets! We would not have been able to get the tickets if not for her.


I am also glad we hired a driver and a van so we don’t have to worry about how to get back. By the way, I love our van because it was so posh inside! Lol.




We have arrived and the stadium was huge!


You know how I was shocked when I was in SS5 KL and they were selling all these SJ merchandise outside the stadium freely, like a flea market? Well, here, they even had a tent for it! It was like a night market!

This would never be allowed in Singapore. We were not even allowed to give out free goodies to fans. It was all deemed illegal. :p


We had some time to spare so we were walking around. I am glad that most Thai ELFs can speak basic english so communication when purchasing stuffs was not difficult at all.



Lining up and looks like the security was pretty tight. No cameras, no ipads, no laptops whatsoever. I made the right decision not to bring my camera. I wished they had prepared a locker to keep the fan’s items but….no.

9 8

In blue and ready to join the sea of ELFs.


The inside! Super duper excited because the stadium was huge and it was almost full!


The show started and light started shining onto the stars for the night.


Sea of blue ocean, it was so pretty and sparkly…….so proud to be part of this fandom. #ELF


The fan project during ‘Don’t leave me’ was this:


The words ‘Still here’ was on displayed in gold on the third floor. Wish I could capture it all but it was a little difficult from where I was sitting. Wow. It was so beautiful and touching at the same time! Truly amazing!

During the song ‘Evanesce’.


This was when only half of them made it up the rising platform. HAHAHA. It was so hilarious and the whole stadium was laughing so hard. LOL.


Overall, it was such a great experience! I am glad we made the decision to fly over to Bangkok.


And soooooooooooooo happy with the company! Between the bestie and me and these two girls, the huge age gap….its unbelievable that we fangirl over the same group lolx!


I came back happily with this cute tote bag and 3 badges of my bias and eunhae babies.


I wish we could stay for Day 2 but we had no choice but to fly back tomorrow night! All because of work! Sigh.

Oh well, I can’t believe we did this crazy weekend getaway thing but I can tell you for sure, it was worth it. When Bon traveled to Singapore for a concert, I thought that was insane. I had no idea I was going to do the same thing lol.

Life is short, so might as well enjoy it!