Speed shopping and eating in Bangkok!

11 January 2015

I was up early today. I don’t know why. Whenever we travel, I would automatically wake up at 6 am or even earlier. Its like my body is used to waking up so early for work. I wish I can sleep a little longer, but I just can’t. Due to that, I am usually the first to wake up.

And it usually gives me a lot of time take such photos hahaha.


The bestie and Rach will be going for a massage and spa today but I did not want to. I would rather head over to Platinum and shop before we fly home tonight.

So I will be with Mami and girls today. And it so happens that we are in matching colours.


Taking the train and I am supposed to lead the way. Good luck everyone. LOL.


When I say that I am totally bad with directions I was not kidding. We did get off at the right station. We were walking and walking but I simply could not see the Platinum building and even though the area looked familiar at first, the more we walked, the more everything was unfamiliar.

Apparently, we were walking the opposite direction. HAHA. I think all of us had a good 20 minutes of walking and exercise.

Finally saw Central World and everything was familiar and I could confidently lead the way. Lol.


Always add yourself into the picture of happiness.


Trying to act young and do jump shots with the girls.


Almost there.

7Finally, one nice one. Guess how many times we had to jump? Lol.


I wished we had time to explore Central World! Oh well, I hope to come back soon!


We had about 1.5 hours to shop at Platinum so we agreed to go our separate ways and meet back on the first floor by 1 pm. I figured there was no point waiting around so I wandered off alone to shop as fast as I can. I had the trip in June in mind and was determined to get some nice clothes at a good price.

After walking for 1 hour, the only things I bought were for my dad and brother because the t-shirts were so adorable! Most of the clothes for ladies were nice but most were also too small. I wish I was smaller in size. I did not know that ladies in Bangkok were all small sized?

We were meeting the bestie and Rach at 1.30 pm for lunch at MBK so we heading towards the cab stand because there was no way we could walk to the train station after the shopping marathon. Lol.

While heading to the taxi stand, the tuk tuk drivers approached us and suggested we board their tuk tuk. I asked how much would it cost to reach MBK but the driver asked me how much was I willing to pay.

Seriously, do I look like a dumb kid to him? I simply laughed it off and asked him again in a stricter tone. I almost walked away too.


He offered 100 baht, which equates to about S$4 which I thought was pretty cheap. So we happily board the tuk tuk. Actually it was quite an experience too because it was my first time riding in it. When I was here in June, I only rode the Tuk Tuk from the hotel to the train station because the hotel provided the service.


It was an interesting experience! It was only after that, I found out from the bestie that a cab would have costed the same too. *facepalm*


Oh well. Live life with no regrets right?

Lunch! Its a halal restaurant!


We had to eat in a hurry because i was supposed to go back to the hotel by 3 pm. But this sweet and sour fish was …………wow. Simply delicious!


Green curry! This was so good I could just drink it from the bowl!


We decided to go back first in a cab while the rest continue to eat in peace. Pardon our paranoia because I really don’t want us to miss another flight ever for the rest of our lives.

One last photo together on the balcony with scenic view!


Yup, the wind was pretty strong thus our scarves were flying all over the place. Lol.

One photo of the comfy bed. It has been a great stay in this hotel!


The journey to the DMK airport only took 40 minutes. We were warned in advance that we may be delayed to due to heavy traffic but thankfully there were not traffic jams on our way there.

So we ended up early. I guess its ok, better be early than late for flights. Lol. We sat at this cafe and ordered dessert to finish up all our baht.


Mango sticky rice is another signature dessert from Thailand that you must try.


Coffee is a must. I have not had any caffeine for the day I was falling asleep.


Flying back via Air Asia and hoping for a smooth and safe flight.


Thank you Bangkok! Its been a short stay but it has been an amazing and memorable experience!


Will definitely be back again!

We arrived in Singapore at 10.20 pm and headed straight home to pack lunch and iron clothes because we start work at 7 am the next day.

Back to reality lol.