Food marathon @ Bangkok

10 January 2015

Good morning from Bangkok!


We are staying in Dusit Thani this time and this is our view from the balcony.


Thankful for the buffet breakfast because I was starving since last night. When we arrived in DMK airport there were not many shops for us to buy food and we were too tired and lazy to walk out of the hotel to search for food at 11 pm.


Reunited with Mami! So happy to be with her on this trip. They arrived 2 hours earlier than us last night and will be leaving a day later than us.


We had some time before our transport picks us up at 3.45 pm so we ventured out to Siam Paragon. Before that, look who stopped by the hotel to meet us!


Bon! Yay, she was also one of the reasons why we did not hesitate to come to Bangkok this time. Its always nice to have a friend in the country you visit.

We had no plans whatsoever, so we chose to sit down so we can chit chat.


Guess where we chose to hang out? After You cafe of course! Since our last trip, we have been salivating wanting to come back and taste the other yummy things on the menu.


Loveeeee the coffee here because its not just tasty, it comes with a tiny biscuit, too small for my huge mouth. Lol. I also loved how they served it on a mini tray. It looked so presentable and appetizing.


Banana chocolate toast. Toasts are their signature so whatever you order, you must include toast in your order. They have so many different types of flavours, you will have a hard time choosing one. Maybe you can try ordering two. Lol.


Full table for three people. Too much?


Wish we can do this every weekend! Fat hope haha. Excited to be planning our trip in June!


We had 2 hours to chit chat and met with the girls back at 12 pm for lunch. Yup, I know. We had breakfast at the hotel, had all those dessert at After You cafe and now we are going for lunch. We are crazy.


We went back to Laem Cha-Roem Seafood because we loved it so much the last time we were there. The place was full as expected but the staffs were nice enough to put out a table for us.


My hand was not long enough to capture everyone lol. We ordered some dishes and Bon said they ordered 4 to 5 dishes but as we started to eat, the dishes kept on coming. Lol.


Well, actually I don’t really care about the cost because everything was way cheaper here than back in Singapore. I really hate wasting food so as long as everyone finishes everything on the plates, I am fine with it.


Fresh oysters with the sauces and condiments. Its so perfect.


Fried omelette with oyster is enough to make you shut up and eat.


I don’t even know how I managed to eat after being so full from breakfast and dessert just now. I am just glad that the girls had a huge appetite and they finished up all the dishes. Yay. The food were all so delicious and its ridiculous that its all so cheap. On the average, we paid about S$14 per person. With this price, you can only get one full meal from a fast food restaurant in Singapore.

As usual, the supermarket is a must stopover for us. #auntie


I love how pretty the supermarket is! Look at the giant bird cage in the middle of the fruits section. Even if you are not a fruits lover, won’t you be attracted to buy some fruits here?

All the masita seaweeds, only available in Thailand.


Nope, I am not buying you this time. Not even with that smile, Kyu.

I was in disbelief when Bon asked if we wanted eat ice cream as soon as we were done paying for all our auntie stuffs.


She was not kidding and a few minutes later we were at Kyoto Lifestyle Cafe (Kyo Roll En), just a few minutes walk from the supermarket.


Its actually a tiny cafe and the desserts they offer were all so cute. Since we were full and our stomachs were gonna burst anytime, we decided to share the desserts.


Actually everything on the menu looks so good. I wish we had more time (and space in the tummy) to try out more food but no.

Looks like all the sugar made some of us cray cray.


Thank you Bon for being a lovely host as usual! She will be going away tomorrow so today was our only chance of seeing her.


We made our way back to the hotel and waited for our transport. SS6 BKK here we come!