Hello Bangkok! (For the weekend!)

9 January 2015

So apart from my family (whom I told at the very last minute), no one really knows that I was flying to Bangkok for the weekend in the middle of the school term. Yup, I did it. I declared in the system and I informed my RO too because I see nothing wrong in flying away for the weekend.

Actually our main reason of flying there is to watch SS6BKK since there was a possibility that the boys may not stop over Singapore. However, that was not the only reason. The other reason was that we felt that we did not get enough of Bangkok in June when we were there so when this opportunity rises, we grabbed it.


So our flight was scheduled to leave at 8.30 pm. I was already at the airport by 6.00 pm. #kiasu

My 2 companions for this trip.


Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes and we were all sitting there waiting. I should have come later. My lightest bag for a trip ever. A backpack and a handbag.


Praying for safe flight. Yup, the recent news about Air Asia freaked me out a little but I always believed God has a greater plan behind everything that happens.


It was a 2 hour flight but because of time difference, we arrived at about 10.20 pm.


Our room was nice. We are going to knock out early because the 2 girls came straight to the airport from work.


Looking forward to tomorrow!