Happy birthday Linda @ Sarah’s Pancake

4th January 2015

I wished we could have met earlier, or at least in the month of December to celebrate Linda’s birthday but everyone’s schedule was so packed and so we finally meet in January.

Oh well, better late than never right? I have not seen Linda and Rena in ages! I always look forward to celebrating their birthdays because that’s when we reunite and share our love for food. Lol.


This time we decided to meet at Sarah’s Pancake because we have heard good reviews yet we have never been there. As usual, with the sotongs, someone always lose their way! Lol. Can you picture our relief when all four of us safely arrived at the restaurant? Lol.

Please look for the ‘East Village’ building and you can find Sarah’s Pancake there.


We had to do some celebratory poses for the camera. Lol.

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We decided to taste a little bit of everything so we ordered this pasta. It was moist and I love it.


Pancake!! I love savoury pancake but its so hard to find one that is halal. When Sarah’s Pancake opened and its certified halal, I had imprinted it in my head to make my way there when I am free.


With poached egg. If you are a fan of poach egg, I think you should not share this. Order one for yourself and I am pretty sure you will stuff your face in it. Lol.


The pancakes were thick and fluffy. It was one of the yummiest pancake I have ever tasted. I definitely have to come back to try the others on the menu.

One sweet crepe for dessert. This was chendol flavoured and Rena thought we should choose something that was unique and not easily found anywhere else.


It was delicious but a little too sweet for me. I would have preferred ice cream flavoured pancake so maybe next time I shall come back and order it for myself! HAHAHA. #greedy #fatty

Happy birthday to one the kindest people I know, as sweet as candy, as strong as an ox physically and mentally, yet as sotong as you can ever imagine. Lol.


She still looks the same as when I first know her so many years ago! What is aging to her?

I got these cute chocolates and sotong badges for everyone!


I think the sotong badges is the most suitable accessory we can ever wear.


We ARE called sotongs for reason and that name has stuck onto us for so many years. Other members from the gym even know us.


We are famous lol.

13 14

As usual too, all the sugar got to us. Happy birthday pose. To Linda Sotong, from Madeline Sotong.


Happier birthday Linda Sotong, from Rena Sotong.


Happiest birthday Linda Sotong, from Afni Sotong.


I always treasure my friends who have stuck by me all these years. Some of them saw me shrink and expand throughout the years. Some of us went through trials and tribulations and have come back stronger. Some of us are still the same, blessed that joy and laughter never really left us for too long. Nevertheless, life has its ups and down and change is inevitable. All we can do is embrace it.

Whenever things get rough, I hope you remember that smiles and laughter will never leave anyone for long. It will always come back and when it does, welcome it with open arms.


Thank you for always laughing with me and never being stingy with your hugs and prayers. I shall reciprocate it to you.


Happy birthday dearest Linda! May you continue to spread that infectious crazy infectious laughter of yours! Stay healthy and cheerful always.

Sarah’s Pancake (Halal)

East Village #01-62 Singapore