5 things I learnt about life in 2014

SOooooooooooo I am very late in doing my ‘end of year reflections’ for 2014 so I decided to do something different.

Last year was one of the most amazing year for me, it was a roller coaster of emotions and it was full of significant memories. Here are the 5 things I learnt in 2014, in no order.

1. Spend time with family, whenever you can

I often get this from people, “You are close with your family right? I always see you going out with your family every weekend.”

I won’t say that this statement is entirely true but I do try to go out with my parents on weekends for meals. This is mainly because Mum doesn’t cook on weekends and we all like food. Lol.


I hope I can bring them out every weekend but sometimes I can’t. However, each time I do, I always make sure I take photos of us together. Its a happy memory right? Why not record it? I don’t understand when people refuse to take photos with the excuse that they are not good looking. Who cares about how good we look? The important thing is to be happy right? Therefore I will make a really stupid / crazy / rubber face so that they will agree to me taking photos with them.


2. Keep the people you trust close…….regardless of how busy you are

Call it aging or whatever but I feel like my circle of friends shrunk as I grow older. Perhaps people changed, or people start to be too busy with their own lives, it undeniable that people do drift apart.

Its almost a natural thing, especially when interests changed and new priorities emerge. One thing I learnt is that I never need a large circle of friends. I need only those small group of friends I can trust.


This same group of people who don’t judge because they are so used to your ‘out of mind’ self. This same group of people that you can rely on when you are facing difficulties. This same group of people you can run to when you feel that you are driven to a corner.

I am always thankful I have this group of people.

3. Stay healthy, for you own sake

Its sad when people attempt to lose weight for their boyfriends, or stick onto a rabbit healthy diet just to look slim. It may work for a while but it will never last. Trust me when I say BEEN THERE DONE THAT. In fact the main reason why I joined the gym many years ago was because of a guy. Can you believe how stupid I was?

Oh well, it did work for a while and I did successfully shed more than 10 kg off me, but when the guy was gone, so was my motivation. I had to realign my thought process and convince myself that I am going to be healthy for me. I deserve to be healthy for me. I am not going to lose weight to look slim, how many kgs I weigh did not matter because being thin does not equal to being healthy. I was focusing on all the wrong things. I had to do some major brainwashing.


I am so glad I realigned and redirected my goals because previously I never felt the need to just do things for myself. That was how microscopic my self esteem was. Now I workout because I enjoy it, it feels better to be lighter and happier. Simply because, I am worth it.

4. Be on social media for you, not for others

I won’t lie. I am a social media junkie. Yup, I constantly feel like I have to update my status to let everyone know how I am doing etc. In the beginning I only did it to express myself but as more and more people ‘friended’ me on facebook, the more I felt oblige to update and the more problems I seem to have.

For instance, how a single photo can become a topic of conversation among others and how it can easily spiral out of control. I have been using facebook to share updates about what is happening in my life and sharing of photos with friends and family. I had no intention to show off, or boast that I am living a better life than anyone. I believe everyone will face their own battles and I do not have any right to judge anyone. However, not everyone share my thought process and I was shocked when I was ‘accused’ of showing off by some parties, I shall not reveal who.

At first I was angry but now I am just sorry that these people live such a miserable life of ‘watching’ me live mine. Like seriously, if you want to eat out or travel like me, go ahead! What is stopping you?

Nothing. In fact, I hope you get inspired and would want to travel too. Its the most amazing thing to be able to see God’s creation. Why stay rooted in one place?

Anyway, because of the big crowd in my facebook and the narrow mindedness of some individuals, I have not shared much on facebook. I have switched to instagram, where I feel more comfortable in sharing photos, thoughts and news. I wanted to delete my facebook account but was stopped by so many people because of the numbers of photos I have been sharing with them throughout the years. So for now, my facebook is only for sharing photos with close friends and families. I don’t even go to facebook much these days. When I feel the need to express, I will blog instead. I have been blogging for years but I have only decided to ‘publicize’ my blog to friends and families starting from this year.

I really feel that there is too much judging going on in facebook and I do not want any of that. Why be on social media to know what is happening in everyones’ lives? Why not focus on your own life instead?

I don’t understand.


The only good thing about facebook these days is this app where they summarize the year. Even though I don’t share as much on facebook anymore, its always nice to see my whole year summarize nicely like this.

5. It’s important to travel

Simply because it keeps us grounded. When I was in Mecca in March, I was so overwhelmed to be able to see the Kaabah right in front of my eyes that I cried. It was so unexpected because it was 3 am and we were all so exhausted after more than 10 hours of flight but just being able to be there, I was overjoyed.

I was overjoyed again to be able to hike to the peak of Jabal Nur with my injured knee, something that I never thought I could do because the steps were all so steep and I did not have the knee strength and stamina to hike to the very top.


But I did. Against all odds. Alhamdulilah because I think God granted me the physical and mental strength to not give up. I will always be proud of myself.

Being in Krabi Thailand during June also kept me grounded because for once, I really feared that I might lose my life. The waves were so huge and we were in that tiny boat and let’s not forget the fact that I cannot swim.

Let’s just say we survived. I was looking forward to a relaxing beach holiday kinda thing so I did not expect this. I am not even being dramatic.

Despite the bad experience in Krabi, I was still awed to be able to venture into nature that I love and discovered the Blue Pool.


It was so gorgeous and mysterious at the same time and it was at that instant I forgot all the bad experience in Krabi.

After that trip, I thought waiting for the next trip in December was taking too long so I suggested that we explore a place in our own resident city!


It is amazing what a wonderful experience that was! Never underestimate the beauty of your own country!

I ended the year with a trip to Korea with the bestie and some of her family members. To be honest, I was slightly worried because I barely know her auntie and cousins but after being on a plane with them, I realized that they were really easy to get along with. I am glad.


People keep asking me why do you keep going back to Korea. The truth was, we wanted to see Eunhae babies before they enlist at the end of 2015 and I wanted to see my bias Yesung in his cafe before he is released from the army.

I did not get to meet Yesung this time but luck was on our side when we were able to meet Hyukjae in person! What an experience and on the coldest day of winter!

The thing about travel is that you can keep going back to the same place and even with the same people but the experience will always be different. Going back to Nami Island and seeing the pure white snow was still breathtaking to me. I wish the beauty can be captured with our cameras but its truly different being there. The snowy mountains, the frozen lake and the blocks of ice were all in sync again as though they were welcoming us back. It never fail to amaze me and remind me how small I was in His creation.

To be able to walk on His creations and to view it with so much awe, I am always thankful.

I treat each trip as my last because life is always unpredictable and I want to savour every moment, which is why I take lots photos.

Thank you 2014 for being a blessing. All the experiences are already carved into my heart. What perfect timing. I felt that the trip to Korea was my most healing trip, mainly because I was nursing a broken heart. I tried my best to hide if of course but it was really killing me inside. I hope I did not affect too many people.

Here’s to a happier 2015 insyaAllah.