Feasting on barbecue meat on New Year’s Eve

31st December 2014

Unlike the rest of the younger generation who looks forward to partying on New Year’s Eve, old people like us prefer to sit, chit chat and eat. Yup, we appreciate time spent together and we would very much prefer to catch up on the ‘going ons’ in each others’ lives then dancing away.

Even though I love dance, I have never fancied clubbing or partying. Perhaps its the introvert side of me, I treasure company and sharing of stories with my closest friends.

Finally the bestie is back Korea (yes she came back a week later than me!) and Fifi is free to meet so here we are at Seoul Garden for our reunion lunch. Feels like forever since I last saw Fifi but life has been pretty hectic. It does not help that we are all in the same crazy busy profession.

We were even too lazy to meet to far so we decided to meet in Tampines since we are all staying in the east of Singapore. Fifi and me were the first to arrive!


Another reason why we chose Seoul Garden is because the bestie is going through the ‘need meat now’ syndrome. This usually happens after we come back from long trips overseas where halal food is not so readily available. At times like these, we stick to an all seafood and vegetarian diet.

Not easy I know. I am still having this syndrome even though I have been back a week. Lol.

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I love steamboat and barbecue meat but unfortunately, apart from Seoul Garden, I do not know any other restaurants doing it. There are many non halal ones of course.


I also love the ‘eat all you want’ buffet concept because we Singaporeans love to eat. We eat all the time from morning to night.


My closest buddies. Last year I spent new year’s even with Madeline and Joyce, two of the closest people to me too and I am glad to be able to spend new year’s eve with another group of close friends.


Mandatory crazy shots because they are with me. The usual ‘smile at the camera’ poses are too mainstream for us. Lol.

I wish I was not too full because the huge variety ice cream, sweet toppings and cakes. Being the greedy me, I managed to get this small bowl of ice cream with some toppings.


Its always nice to share stories about Korea to those who have never been to Korea. Its like an evil master plan to influence everyone to go Korea at least once especially if they are fans of kpop or korean dramas. Lol.

Guess who I bumped into right outside the restaurant while I was trying my best to hide my over-expanded tummy?


Debbie bunny! She offered to bring me into her gym for free on weekends! Yay! Maybe its a sign that I really ate too much.