Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Leaving Korea and heading home on Day 14

21 December 2014

Its our last day in Seoul!! The bestie and me came home late last night and everyone was already asleep so we did not want to switch on the lights to pack. Since our flight was in the afternoon, I figured that I had time to pack in the morning. Furthermore, I am usually up by 6 am anyway.

Last breakfast here. As much as I am looking forward to going home, I am also reluctant to leave. Am I making sense? Lol. This ramen was so delicious, I should have bought more and bring it home. Hahaha.


The only thing I hate about travelling is packing. I REALLY hate packing. I would procrastinate and pack at the very last minute. Even though I did not shop much this time, I had problem closing the luggage because there was a slight mis-alignment. I brought some vacuum bags purchased from Daiso and they really saved me a lot of space since all the jackets were taking up a lot of space.

Imagine how ecstatic I was when I could suck all the air out and reduce the size of the jackets by merely using the vacuum cleaner! However, here in Korea, I could not find a suitable vacuum cleaner to do this. Most of the vacuum cleaner did not have a round tip.

Finally, in this guesthouse, the vacuum cleaner had round shaped tip! Yay!


The number of cute socks I am bringing home. Gosh. I do not need to buy socks anymore in my entire life. Lol.

Saying goodbye to the bestie. She is staying here for another week I am dead jealous while I bring her family back to Singapore.

This is my ‘I can’t believe I am going home’ face. This is the first time we are not coming home together too.


Since we were heading straight to the airport, non of us were wearing thermal wear. Imagine how cold we were when we alighted from the cab. Yet, we could still paused to take this photo. Lol.


Taking a quick bite, and trying to finish all our korean won before flying off. We were also pretty early so we sat for a while at Paris Baguette.


I love this super cute Pororo bread! It was milky and soft too! I really should have bought more.


Before boarding, I saw this and decided to take some photos to annoy Joyce dear who is a big Lee Min Ho fan. Lol.


They had his statue too but I didn’t think it looked anything like him. Again, took this photo because of Joyce lol.


Goodbye Korea! It has been a really lovely stay as always. I really have no idea when I will be back but Korea will always be close to my heart!


After about 6 hours, our plane stopped in Taipei for 45 minutes. Thankfully it wasn’t long because our actual transit was supposed to be in Bangkok.

When we alighted in Bangkok, it was a 7 hours wait before our next flight back to Singapore. This was actually my first time transiting for so long. We arrived at 12.15 am and our flight was supposed to be at 7.20 am. We had to find a place to sleep and we finally settled in this empty Starbucks cafe.


I had planned to watch videos, read and write during the waiting time in Bangkok but I was too sleepy to do all that. I ended up falling asleep while watching videos on my tablet. So much for being productive.

We were greeted by this sunrise right before we board our plane. Isn’t it beautiful?


I did not know you can get such beautiful view of the sunrise from the airport. How blessed is it to be able to witness sunrise twice in this trip?

Always thankful for this opportunity to travel and see the world. The experience, the memories and the joy all somehow shaped me a little. I always find myself slightly different at the end of each trip.