Still waiting for Jongwoon……at Mouse Rabbit

20 December 2014

Honestly, one of the reasons why we decide to go to Korea this December was because this would be the last chance to see Jongwoon in Mouse Rabbit before he gets discharged from the army and that means that he will rejoin the group and the likelihood of seeing him in his cafe will be drastically reduced.

I was blessed to see him in my trip last year. I was not only a new fan, I was also Yesung bias so can you imagine how smitten I was when he was right in front of me.

Actually, that visit was not my first time in Mouse Rabbit. In my first trip to Korea in 2012, the bestie and friend, Sean, brought me to Mouse Rabbit and I was clueless on who was the owner. I thought Jongjin (Jongwoon’s brother) was the celebrity because he was really this cute looking boy. Lol.

Anyway, to get to Mouse Rabbit you need to alight at Kongkuk University (Line 2) station.


Find Exit 2. Exit 2 has a staircase that leads you outside. Face to your left and walk straight ahead. You’ll know if you’re in the right direction if you are going against the flow of traffic.

Keep walking until you see the Samsung Mobile store (about 3-5 minutes walk from the station) then go to the smaller street to your left. Walk straight and you will see Mouse Rabbit.


The basement is nice and warm during winter but the wifi was not that strong. I am not sure if it’s just my phone or its like that in general.


I love the setting of the basement. It really looked like a rabbit hole. So warm and cozy. (pardon this blur photo)


The main reason why mouse and rabbit were chosen as names for this cafe was because Jongwoon and his brother, Jongjin were born in the year of mouse and rabbit respectively.


Hot drinks and cakes is all you need to feel better.


Still waiting or Jongwoon……its been 1.5 years. Soon!


I got this tumbler for myself some Singapore ELF I wanted purchase the ‘Because you are precious’ water bottle but it was no longer sold. The thing about Mouse Rabbit’s merchandise is that its all seasonal. Not everything will be there throughout the year. This is good because you get to see the brothers’ creativity in designing their products.


He did not drop by Mouse Rabbit today so this was what I did. My love lol.


Oh thank you to Jongjin for offering a nice handshake. I was hoping that their cute mum would be around but she wasn’t. When we left, it was snowing!


Before I leave Seoul, we decided to meet up with Emma again and this time we chose to meet in Mouse Rabbit. I mean, I am not sure when I will be seeing her again since we live too far apart.


Always nice to meet and chill with friends over coffee and cakes.


This time we got a seat on the second floor thanks to Emma who was early. We got the sofa and I think its the best seat in the entire cafe lol.


Beautifully designed tissue because my bias is a genius. 


If you really look closely, you will notice that even the mugs were customized to the theme of mouse and rabbit.


I really love how the cafe is cutely designed, the paintings, the fan gifts all complimented it more.



This ladder looks like its leading to the rooftop, but no it doesn’t lol.


I can sit here all day and wait for Jongwoon. HAHAHAHA.


Taking as many photos as we can to promote Mouse Rabbit on social media lol.


Not forgetting the crazy shots!


While we were chatting, a group of ladies who just walked in caught our attention (because they were wearing tudung) and guess who?


Our new friends from Malaysia!


It was really a surprise to see them there because it was really unexpected. I guess ELF do hang out at the same places!

I think we were pretty loud in our spazzing lol but I am so glad we bumped into them again. I was also glad that Yemum was around when we were leaving so we requested a group photo.


Just me and Yemum but its blur sobs.


Another wonderful thing about being ELF is that we unite in our love for Super Junior, regardless of race, religion or nationality. I would never have met all these people if not for kpop, (Super Junior). It’s very difficult to explain to non fans about this wonderful fandom and how it has affected our lives, our personalities and even our outlook on life. Even though I do like some other groups (like 2NE1), its never the same being in this ELF fandom because this fandom is crazy and the kind of entertainment it provides us on almost everyday is priceless. I can’t remember how many times they made me laugh so hard thanks to all their dorky actions /words.

While we continue our normal and professional lives, as student, a teacher, a clerk, a doctor, the ELF part of us will always resides within us. And this part of us will emerge when we unite once again to be part of a sapphire blue ocean.

Its like I found where I belong. With crazy people. 

Thank you for all the laughter (and heat hahaha) ladies!! Hope to see you again soon!!