Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Shopping and Nasi beriyani on Day 13

20 December 2014

Tomorrow is our last day here! Time really flies! I have done minimal shopping for this trip, mainly because I worry I would not be able to close my luggage. Lol.

Today the plan was to simply do all the shopping. We headed to Namdaemun to buy more brooches and accessories but guess what? It was closed! Imagine our disappointment! We decided to move to Dongdaemun and that was where we shopped.

The shops outside the Dongdaemun plaza was still open though. I spotted this shop selling hot sweet potato and could not resist buying a few. I was reminded of cutie Hongki in the korean drama ‘Bride of the century’ where he was eating the sweet potato deliciously like this here. Lol.


It was really delicious! It was soft and sweet and I was savouring it with the rest on the street itself. It was especially yummy because the weather was freezing cold and the warmth was comforting to my hands.

Dongdaemun sells clothes, bags, accessories and the price is reasonable. While I think Dongdaemum is a great place to shop for clothes, its not really a great place to shop for clothes in winter. All the clothes were mainly for winter and there was no way I can wear any of it in sunny and warm Singapore.

So I went off by myself to shop and look for anything suitable to bring home for the family. I found this! For my new niece who was born yesterday, while I am still in Seoul!


After all the shopping we decided to lunch at Itaewon. Itaewon is also a good place to shop since there a huge variety of souvenirs that you can purchase here. We were too hungry so when the the first halal restaurant was in sight…………we went in.


This restaurant was near the subway exit and its easy to find. We ordered chicken and nasi beriyani but we did not know that it would come in such a big portion.


They must think we have not had meat for days! Lol.


Anyway the place was nice and warm. After lunch we continued with the last minute shopping.

We were supposed to meet Emma at Mouse Rabbit at 7 pm! I will write about it in the next entry! 😀