Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Halal bbq meat on Day 12

19 December 2014

Its our 12th day here in Korea. We were only in Korea for 11 days the last time so this time, I felt like we have been away for a long time.

We had no specific plans except to eat and shop. The bestie and me visited this beautiful flower cafe on our last trip so we wanted to bring the group there too. We alighted at Apujeong station and looked for the cafe but to no avail. I recognized the spot of the cafe but the cafe was not there. Instead it was a phone shop. Did the cafe closed down?

Sad. I really wanted to go back to the cafe. No flower cafe, we could only spot this giant gorilla over a building.


The bestie thought that we should walk to Kona Beans since we are already in the area so……


The last time we were here, the cafe was jointly managed by Teuk’s, Kyu’s and Sungmin’s family but since Kyu opened a guesthouse and Sungmin’s family opened a new cafe, this outlet looks like its solely managed by Teuk’s family now.


Ducks everywhere. Soo happy that leader is back. He was in the army back then and so many ELFs left messages and gifts for him here. We were having a good time reading all the fan made gifts.



Toast is my favourite. I can eat this everyday. Just taking our time to chill.


It was almost 3 pm so we decided to go have a proper lunch. We heard there was a halal bbq restaurant here in Seoul. You know Korea is known for its delicious bbq meat right? We have never tasted any despite this being our third time here because non was halal.

Until now.


They use lamb meat imported from Australia so they are Halal. Yay!!!


We have not had meat for a few days so we were really looking forward to this. Anyway, I love this pipe that sucks up all the smoke at every table. Seoul garden in Singapore should have this! I always smell like bbq whenever I leave the restaurant.


There were marinated lamb and not marinated and we decided to order both to try. All of us felt that the marinated ones were so much more delicious. We were also surprised by the generous servings of side dishes. They kept refilling our empty plates!


Happy faces after meat hahaha.


How to get there:
Yang Good Korean BBQ Lamb Restaurant (halal)
Nearest Subway Station: Yeoksam Station (Line 2)
Distance from Subway Station: 289 meters (Exit 6)
Or take cab.

After some shopping we headed back earlier than usual. I did not know what we did today but we were pretty exhausted. Must be all the walking in the cold. Lol.


Look at all the food in our guesthouse. Everything must be consume by tomorrow as we are flying back the day after.


While packing, it started to snow so our guesthouse owner told us to go outside and experience it. So we did. We were actually in pajamas so we only wore our winter jacket over whatever we were wearing lol.


Sweeping the snow away from the pavement. Yup, they all did it except me. They wanted to experience sweeping away snow. LOL.