Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Playing with snow in Nami Island on Day 11

18 December 2014

The day is finally here! We have been wanting to go back to gorgeous Nami Island since our last visit 2 years ago. However, since we were in Korea earlier this time, it has not snowed yet! Nami Island was known for its beauty mostly during autumn and winter so we wanted to wait until it snowed before we make our way there.

That’s the thing about being here during winter. We have to keep checking the weather forecast. Lol.

Since it snowed a few days ago, we decided to make our way there today. We were up early.


We have to go Insadong to take our one hour bus ride to Nami Island. I guess we were more mentally prepared this time. I am armed with scarf, heat packs and 4 layers of clothes. The bestie even found some heat packs with the name of her favourite soccer club printed on it. #crazy


The sight that greeted us while we waited for our ferry ride.

4 3

We were so happy to be back here again!


Look at the fresh snow beneath our feet. Its so soft!


The bestie’s mum was so excited to see snow. This photo looks like the snow is coming out from her hands. Lol.


I love these little snowman statues. They are too cute and we could not resist taking photos with it.

9 10

These little snowballs in shoes were just as adorable too!


What do I do with all these cuteness? Lol.


The ferry ride was only 15 minutes. I am amazed how the staffs kept pushing all the passengers into the ferry to the brim. Due to that, I was not able to take any photos during the ride because I was surrounded by people.

Frozen fountain caught my eye as soon as we arrived.


The place was still the same!


Look! My animal friends! Ostriches!


So beautiful and even though it was smelly, I was not too affected by it.


Can you spot the Singapore icon here?


I have a thing for tram track. Looks how beautiful it is.


The snow makes everything so much more beautiful right?

19 20

This was an uncommon path for most visitors, which was why it was pretty empty when we were there. I guess most tourist groups only covered the main areas of the island.


Let me show you what you are missing. A walk here will be one of your most beautiful experience.


The view of the frozen lake and the snowy mountains.


Empty paths for you to take photos with minimal disruptions.


If this view does not wow you enough…..I don’t know what to say.


I truly love exploring the nature and I love the company too.

26 27

I don’t think we can ever get enough of the scenic views here. We actually took a long time taking photos here because this is a view we don’t see everyday.



I love how this wooden bridge added to the serenity of the place.



Loving the path ahead, regardless of what awaits.


I wish I can record everything that I see on camera and show it to you but it will never be the same with being here to see for yourself.

33 34

Our pit stop.



We were playing around and got the help of 2 korean ladies to take this group photo of us.


The bestie and her mum throwing (and kicking) snow at each other hahahaha.


I wish we had more time to stay and take more photos, or simply sit and enjoy the view but we had a bus to catch at 3 pm. We have not had lunch or do our prayers. Lol.


41 42The famous perfectly lined trees.


The walk seemed shorter this time, and when I saw this, I knew we were already near the restaurants and musollah.


Yup, you read that right. There is a musollah here and you can do your prayers here. We were surprised to find this the last time but judging by the big number of muslim tourists from Malaysia and Indonesia, I can understand why they had a musollah here. It is on the second floor.



The thing about wearing multiple layers of clothes is that it is troublesome to take ablution. We took so long and I am glad we don’t have to do this back in our own country lol.

Lunch in a rush. I think I gobbled it all up in 10 minutes. This restaurant is halal! Awesome right.


On our way back we had to walk quickly and take photos quickly too. The ferry ride was every 15 minutes but if we miss the bus back to Seoul, that would be problematic.

48 49I was walking in front with NQ and she taught me how to take beautiful photos such as these.

51 50

Of course I tried to replicate but miserably failed. I shall not embarrass myself by posting the photos here. Lol.

Welcoming 2015, carved ice.


Leaving Nami Island….


Waiting to board ferry. We were just in time.


We had some time to we quickly took the last few photos here. The view was simply breathtaking.


Time to board the ferry.


I decided not to waste my time. We decided to stand outside so that we can take photos and videos. When else can we see this view right?


Broken ice was seen floating in the waters. I actually recorded it and posted it on my instagram. It was really a spectacular view.


Even though it was not a first time for me, Nami Island never fails to amaze me with its hypnotizing views. I don’t know what to write to convey this message to you, because no words can ever describe the beauty of Nami Island. You have to come here and see this view yourself.

You can view how Nami Island is like in the four different seasons. I have never experience autumn but I hope to see it at least once in a lifetime.

Maybe soon? Day 12 tomorrow!