Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: The importance of a good and reliable guesthouse on Day 8

15 December 2014

While our stay at MOM house has been simply awesome, we were also looking forward to moving to our final guesthouse for this trip. This guesthouse was recommended by Michelle, our dear friend. She was here in Seoul in June and looking at her photos, I had to ask where she was staying.

The main reason for shifting was because there was a straight train to airport from Hongdae. We took the train to the airport the last time and it was fast and convenient so we wanted to do the same this time too.

We took cab to our next guesthouse and since there were 6 of us plus all our bags we had to split into 3 cabs. NQ and me were the first to go and first to arrive too.


We are here at Maruji House!


It’s a really cozy place. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the owner, Jacob who helped us to carry our luggage. Apparently, we were going to stay on the second floor of the house.


Entering the place, I was surprised and pleased at how adorable the place was. Everything was neatly arranged and cutely decorated.



I love some of the simple murals on the wall.


The balcony had pots of flowers and plants and it was a lovely sight from the dining table.

7 6

The kitchen area. They had microwave oven and pots and pans in case if we wanted to cook. Even the utensils were cute.


Our rooms…



I have not slept in double bunk bed in years. I took the lower bunk because there was no way I could climb up and down the ladder to go to bed. #old

11Perhaps you may be thinking, why bother to look for a nice guesthouse to stay in since you will only be there to sleep. That is where you are wrong. A comfortable and convenient place to rest your body at night is important so that you are energized after a night’s sleep. If you are taking public transport, there are a lot of walking to be done and steps to climb. By the end of each day, we are usually knocked out so being able to come back to a nice and restful place will benefit you.

Secondly, when choosing guesthouses, its best to check the locations first. This is the most important thing to check. You do not want to end up staying in a guesthouse that is too far from the subway station. Imagine carrying tons of shopping bags and having to walk a distance from the subway station to your guesthouse.

Thirdly, check the services that the guesthouses provide. Most guesthouses in Korea provide free wifi for their guests but that was not the case for our first guesthouse on this trip. They did mention they provide wifi but it was not working. It would be good to read some reviews online first before booking them Some of the guesthouses may appear pretty but may not have the good reviews that you were expecting. A good guesthouses will usually provide you free breakfast.

Last but not least, do not misbehave. You are staying there temporarily, while that house belongs to the owner. It is their home. When you stay in their homes, make sure you clean up after yourselves and not be a pain to others. While most guesthouse owners too nice for their own good, they would prefer it if you do not make too much noises, especially late at night, drink beer and get all drunk or make a mess of the house. When you stay in guesthouses such as these, you are representing your country, I am sure you would not want the owners to have a bad impression of your country because of your poor and inconsiderate behaviour right?

I am so glad we chose this Maruji House. They had everything I have at home, a washing machine to do laundry, pots and pans to cook and they even provided shower gels and shampoos. In fact I was so relieved when I found vacuum cleaner I could use to suck all the air out from my ‘vacuum’ bag of clothes. I really needed the space in my luggage! We were also pleasantly surprised to find the guesthouse so clean and neat each time we came back at night. The owner even lighted a scented candle in the living room and the kitchen.


Maruji guesthouse was also near an Indian Restaurant! That was where we ended up eating lunch because it was raining and snowing and we were all starving.