10 reasons why you should stay in MOM House Myeongdong when you are in Seoul

15 December 2014

While we were looking for suitable accommodations in Seoul before our trip, the bestie and me were considering whether or not to stay in MOM house, Kyuhyun owned guesthouse.

Even though we are ELF (Super Junior’s fandom name), we were not Kyuhyun biased. Furthermore, the price of room for Mom House was more than the prices for typical guesthouses that we usually stayed in.

After much consideration, we decided to go ahead and stay for 3 nights, just for the experience you know. The guesthouse was also strategically located in Myeongdong so it was really attractive.

When we arrived in Seoul from Sokcho, we took a cab there. Firstly, it was a weekend, so the traffic to go Myeongdong was horrible. It took us about an hour to travel from the bus station to Myeongdong.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider staying in MOM House the next time you are in Seoul.

1. Kyuhyun’s photos everywhere for you to take a selfie

You will know you have reached MOM House when you see photos of Kyuhyun everywhere on the outside.


MOM House was on a hill and when the cab stopped on the hill, the cab driver did not really help us with our luggage. NQ and me almost had to run after our luggage which chose to slip down the hill hahaha.


2. Helpful counter staffs could communicate in English

When we arrived, to our dismay, our bookings were non existent. Thankfully, they had 2 rooms available at the other building. MOM House consisted of the main building and another building, 5 minutes away. I shall close one eye since they are newly opened and perhaps they are not so experienced.

My first thought was, no lift??? The counter staffs were really nice to ensure that the bags will all be carried by the staffs.

3. Cosy, warm rooms and best bed ever

We knew our rooms were going to be small. The bestie, her mum and me shared a room on the third floor while the other group of ladies settled for a room on second floor since they had bigger bags.


I love the choice of red. It really brightened up the small room.

3 4

Even though the rooms were small, the toilet was big enough to make me happy lol. I cannot stand small toilets because I am slightly claustrophobic. It was also so clean and new. The beds were the most comfortable bed ever. You will miss the bed more than you will miss Kyuhyun’s posters. In fact, the bed at MOM House was the best among all the guesthouses we stayed in.

The doorway, though narrow was nicely decorated by colourful paintings on the wall.


4. Its a clean and new environment

We went to the main building to explore and everything was so nice and neat. This was the doorway at at the main building. Its not as narrow, but look how squeaky clean it is.


5. Amazing rooftop!

The rooftop! Its so pretty but of course no one was around because it was freezing.


6. You get to shake hands with Kyuhyun. 

Yeah right. Actually, once you are on the roof, its hard to miss ‘Kyu’s hand’ here so I had to do the mandatory handshake.


7. Nice cafe to simply chill

The cafe in the MOM House is called Deete Expresso. Being ELFs, we had to check the cafe out too. Lol




I love how the screen plays all of Kyu’s clips. It ranges from his performances, his interviews and even his BTS videos. I mean, if you are a Kyu biased ELF, grab this seat right in front of the screen, order some coffee and you will have a time of your life!


The cafe also displays some fan made gifts and we thoroughly enjoying looking through them. ELFs, how talented are you in all these? Amazing.


This super cute fanart of Kyu on a pillow during SS6 when he cos-played as Elsa. Lol….


8. Free breakfast for guests

Being guests in the guesthouse, we were allowed to have free breakfast in the cafe during our stay there. They provided bread, butter, jam, coffee and orange juice. You can toast your own bread there.


On our second day, I decided to order coffee and toast from the counter because I was sick of the regular toast that we have been eating for the past few days.


It was pretty good!

9. You may get to see Kyuhyun’s parents! (Some of you may consider them your potential in laws lol.)

What was more awesome was to see Kyu’s dad lingering around in the cafe every morning. He was really friendly and attempted to talk to everyone in the cafe. Sometimes, in the different languages, lol. I knew we were not gonna have any chance to have our photos taken with Kyu so we decided to request a photo with the father.

He immediately agreed!

In fact, right before taking the pic, he actually put his arms out, signalling that he wanted us to hold or link with his arms. Lol!! I was too shocked and I was literally laughing aloud. How cute is this Kyu’s dad? In the end we obliged because he was insistent on it. Lol.

After going out the whole day, we always look forward to coming back to MOM House. Its almost mandatory to stop by Meyongdong first, go crazy on the shopping and walk back. Its only 5 minutes away! Really really convenient.

We checked out the rooftop at night because we wanted to see the Christmas lights decorations.


We saw this. Apparently someone wanted ‘Kyu’s hand’ not to feel cold.


It was our last night at MOM House and so I did a dance on the mini stage on the rooftop. Yup, I danced to Mamacita and Sorry Sorry with 4 layers of clothing and then shamelessly uploaded it on my instagram.

The bestie, her mum and auntie had no choice but to be my audience. Lol.


Again, the roofttop was a lovely place to simply hangout but of course no one in the right mind would be doing that in this freeing weather.

To say goodbye, I decided that I should shake ‘Kyu’s hand’ again. Actually, in our tradition, the younger one should be the one kissing the hands of the elder but since its Kyu bb, I will do it. Lol.


Just kidding. I am not kissing this metal. Can you see the Namsan Tower in the background? It was such a lovely sight!

10. Its only a 5 minutes walk to Myeongdong shopping district!

If you are a shopping maniac, you need to stay here. It will save you cab fare. You can shop all you want in Myeongdong, walk back to MOM House to put down your things and then go back to Myeongdong to continue shopping. Its is THAT near.


If you are an ELF especially, you definitely have to experience staying here. If we ever come back to Seoul (not sure when hahaha), we would want to come back here. There were some constructions going on between the main building and the other building so I hope they intend to expand the guesthouse so that they can accommodate more people. On the whole, we really enjoyed the stay at MOM House.

We were also lucky because Kyu’s solo mini album was just released while we were there so Kyu’s song could be heard everywhere (shopping malls, cafes etc) all the time!

Awesome or what?