Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Poop cafe in Insadong on Day 7

14 December 2014

From Gyeongbokgung Palace, we made our way to Angguk station.

The great news was Naqiyah was feeling better so she was able to join us.

We are here at Ssamziegil in Insadong. We were actually pretty familiar with this area. We stayed in Insadong during our last two visits.


No matter how many times we have been to Ssamziegil, we will never get bored of it. The open air mall is filled with artsy shops selling products ranging from art supplies, stationery and fashion.


We met some familiar friends too.


I was more interested to see the artsy stuffs. I think some of the shops changed within time.We made our way to the rooftop because I remember the rooftop being really pretty.


This outdoor area is where lovers can hang their love messages to each other.


Very pretty but I have no message for anyone. I was also more interested in the toilet themed cafe on the rooftop.

This was actually on the floor. Of course its not a real poop inside but I thought this whole theme for a cafe was adorable.


I read about this cafe online and was instantly attracted to it. This is a fairly new cafe because the last time we were here, this same space was actually occupied by a book cafe.


Everything was poop themed and even though you may think its disgusting, it was so cute to me. Lol.


You can actually write notes on these poop shaped papers.


Poop pillows on the counter. The bestie and me were actually playing with the pillows but I shall not upload the photos here. I think I have embarrassed myself enough for one blog entry. Lol.


Much needed waffles and coffee!!!


I love how the coffee filled the toilet cups. Isn’t it the cutest????


I love it!


Now I can say I have drank from a toilet bowl. LOL! However, not everyone was as excited as I was hahaha.


We have yet to take a proper lunch and dinner so we could not stay for long. I really love how the cafe made a disgusting subject like poop, the theme of the cafe and it turned out all cute and pretty. Simply brilliant marketing and amazing creativity.


The cafe was also nicely decorated on the outside. Passer bys, tourists and locals kept stopping to have their photos taken here.


I am a happy girl after drinking from toilet bowl. That was a sentence I never thought I would say. Lol.

We had our dinner at this little seafood staff at one of the little streets in Insadong.


All the side dishes made me so full. It was our first proper meal of the day.


Today was good. Another enjoyable day here in Seoul. How not to keep falling in love with Seoul?