Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Sun setting from Namsan Tower on Day 6

13 December 2014

How great is it have our guest house strategically located in Myeongdong. Ihwa Mural Village was really nice and I felt that most of us needed a break from all that climbing and walking. Therefore, we came back to our rooms to rest after lunch.

The reason why we did not go straight to Namsan Tower was because the best time to visit Namsan Tower was during sunset. We had about 2 hours of rest before we set our feet out to our next destination.

This time, we knew that there was a lift up. Can you believe we actually climb up the steep roads to get to counter for buying tickets the last time?

Namsan Tower was caged by dried branches.


Looks like we were not late. The sun was just starting to set.


The different combination of colours in the sky were just too beautiful.


We were trying to capture the sunset in the background but these photos did not do the beautiful sunset any justice.


The main attraction here, apart from the beautiful view, were the love padlocks.


So couples purchase a pair of padlocks and place them here to signify their never ending love. Wow, is this suppose to be romantic because I felt this was lame. But then, I am known as the cold hearted so it is ok to disagree with me on this.

All the colourful padlocks were pretty when put together, thus this photo.


I do love the view from here. Despite it being really cold, the place was littered with tourists from almost every part of the world.

7Finding my spot to admire the gorgeous sun setting.


9 10 11

There is just something magical about sunset. To be able to witness it, is a privilege. It signifies the end of another day and while the moon and darkness take over the sky, we continue to live our little lives….


So who says that you have to be here with your partner to fully enjoy the view?


Love does not only refers to the feelings you have for another person. It can also refers to a place, a hobby, basically anything that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You can feel love from almost anything around you. You just have to be fully aware so that you can pick it up.


Therefore, love is what I am seeing now. The sky above me, the beautiful view before my eyes, the ground beneath my feet, the ability to breathe, feel and the ability to walk down the path that I have chosen for myself, that is love.


Life is not perfect for me yet I fall more and more in love with my life everyday. I have carved out this path and followed my heart in making all the decisions so far which leads me to being here today.


All I need are the people who will walk the same paths with me and catch me when I fall.



Totally and completely in love with my life.


As the people take turns to take photos on these love seats, I did not want to miss the chance too.


I guess the sunset has always manage to warm my heart a little. It never fails to remind me how small I am in this universe and that most of the things are worry about are usually beyond my control. Its funny how a sunset has the ability to ignite such thoughts and force me to reflect on my life.


This is why travel is the best gift you can give to yourself. Its not all about visiting the pretty places and taking photos of yourselves. Its about knowing the place, experiencing the culture, learning a little about the history, seeing all the different things from your usual environment. I kind of regret not learning more about some of the places in Europe that I visited last year. Given a second chance, I would definitely read more, learn more and with that, I can appreciate the places more.


I am given a second chance. Everyday is a new chance and the sun just reminded me of that once again.

All wrapped up and standing in front of the heater once were were down. We would have stayed there longer to admire the beauty of the city from the tower if it wasn’t too cold.

We are heading back to Myeondong and since the night was still early, we decided to visit the cat cafe there. *Jumps for joy!*