Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Leaving Sokcho on Day 5

12 December 2014

We are leaving Sokcho today. We decided to stay for only 2 nights in Sokcho this time so it felt really short.

We decided to wake up early to watch the sunrise so there we were being crazy at leaving the hotel at 6.30 am to take the bus to go to the beach. The sun was expected to rise by 7.30 am.


My 3 companions for the morning!


We were glad we were not too late. We were waiting for the sun to rise in the freezing cold but when the sun rises and we saw this gorgeous view, it was worth all the waiting in the cold. We did not really have to wait long so thats good.


Taking photos at the monument of the beach.


Yeah since it was not high tide we could climb over the rocks and stood next to the statue lol.


Actually it was not only cold, it was pretty windy too.


The really low temperature kind froze my muscles too. So imagine trying to do a jump shot in the cold. But I think we did pretty good right?


Ok that was after countless tries. Lol.


The beach was pretty empty. There were some tour groups around but they did not stay for long.


Look what we spotted! Baobei’s road sign and can you see the moon in the background? I think the bestie and me are the only crazy people who takes photo of this sign lol.


We went back to have breakfast, rest a bit and continued packing. Before checking out, we visited the rooftop just like what we did the last time.


Trying to take a selfie but accidentally caught the makciks behind busily posing for photos lol.


They did not have this pole here the last time.


With the bestie’s mum. Oh, I wish the mountains were in white. It would have been so much more beautiful.


The girls were doing jump shots and these were great!


It then progressed to shooting and fighting poses such as these. Lol.


Notice how the bestie and me were not wearing our jackets, we merely had our sweaters so it was freaking cold to stay outside for too long. I was running in and out of the restaurant to get some heat. Lol.


Its always a wonderful stay at Kensington. Actually if you do a price comparison with the other hotels, there is not a big difference so staying at Kensington was a really good choice for us.


3 hours ride back to Seoul. Zzzzzz in the bus.

When we arrived it was snowing! Yup, it took longer to arrive because of the horrendous traffic jam in Seoul plus it was snowing.


Our guest house, MOM house was only 5 minutes away from the shopping district Myeongdong so we left our bags there and went out to look for dinner. (I will write about MOM house in a separate entry because there are too may stories to write about.)


We finally decided to stop at Red Sun but the place was full so we had to wait with our hungry faces.


Apparently, this restaurant was famous for having celebrities eating here. We had no idea. We saw some signatures hanging on the wall and here is a photo of Taemin eating here.


While waiting, I could not help but notice the interior design of the restaurant. Everything was sweetly decorated. I especially love the quotes on the walls.



Finally food.


As usual, cold weather means more I get hungry too often for my own good. Lol.


While the rest went shopping, the bestie and me had to do our mandatory visit to SPAO. We simply had to take photos with the giant posters of the boys. #onlyELFcanrelate


I was too tired to walk around to shop so we headed back early, not before going to the underground shops to get some stuffs. Its very difficult to visit Myeongdong and not shop!


Damage done for the night. I had only intended to purchase the Mahalo photobook but I did not know how I ended up buying both. They are heavy too hahaha good luck to me. Anyway these two are my first photobooks of the boys for me!


Oh, can’t wait to visit the cat cafe soon! Day 6 tomorrow!