Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Moving to Sokcho in Day 3

10 December 2014

I am relieved that we are leaving this guesthouse to go Sokcho. 2 nights of not being able to use the toilet bowl is torturous enough.


Not only the toilet was not working, the wifi was not working too. On top of that, the directions given to this guesthouse was wrong. We were lost on our first night because we followed the instructions. We actually could not locate out building, can you believe that? What was not helping was there no significant monument around it which made locating it even harder even though it was near the subway.


Therefore, even though the place was pretty cosy and nice, the experience was not entirely pleasant.

Got our tickets to Sokcho. Its a 3 hours ride from Seoul.


I know the bestie too well after travelling with her for a few years. She is one who cannot travel light. So, imagine when I travel with her family…..


What is travel light? Lol.

While waiting for the bus, we were looking forward to going to a proper toilet. I think the word ‘shit’ and ‘poop’ has been mentioned too many times for the past 2 days. Hahaha.


After three hours we are finally back here!


We were so happy to be back at Kensington but we were happier to see the huge and working toilet! It was so nice that the bestie’s mum wanted to take photo in it. Lol.


Loveee the bed here. Yay, No more knocking my head or hand onto the low ceiling while I sleep.


Our view from the balcony. Ah, what was missing? Snow!!


The last time we were here the mountains were already covered in snow and it was so beautiful but we are here early this time, thus everything was still in green and brown. Sad!


After a short rest, we made our way out to look for food. The trees looked bare and sad.


It was still freezing cold.


The view of our hotel from the bus stop. Even the christmas lights were not up yet.


I love the bus in Sokcho because the even though there was only one bus from where we stayed to the town area, the bus frequents so regularly that we usually did not have to wait too long at the cold bus stop. So much better than the bus that goes to my house.

Trolling in the bus.


We actually went back to the same place as the last time. This pizza place had salad buffet that we love.


As we were starving, everything tasted too good. I think we stuffed our faces too fast, thus we could not finish the pizza.

After dinner we walked around for a while. Everything still looked the same. There were minimal changes from 2 years ago when we were here.

Waiting for the bus at the bus stop. Nothing to do let’s take more photos of ourselves.


Yup, I am glad everyone loved taking photos….like me. I hope we are not driving the bestie too crazy hahaha.


It was still early so we went to the ‘book cafe’ lobby to play. Let me choose a book to read.


Love the english style design of the place. The sofa was so comfortable I can sleep on it.

21Let’s play chess! Just pretending because I have no idea how to play chess.


Drinks galore! This is one of our favourite things to do. Each time we go to foreign country, we would visit the convenience store or supermarket and try all the food and drinks that cannot be found in Singapore.


I finished everything except for the banana milk drink on the same night! Looking forward to hike Mount Soraksan tomorrow!