Leaving footprints, heart and soul in Korea: Day 2 at English Village Paju!

9 December 2014

While the bestie and me were discussing on the places to go for our trip, we decided to include a trip to English Village into our itinerary. Actually we came to know about this place from this variety show from many years ago called Full House. The only reason we know about this show was because it featured Super Junior when they were really new.

I only watched the show about 2 years ago, after I came back from Korea and I totally fell in love with this peculiar group of boys. I had no idea who they were but if no one had informed me, I would have thought they were all comedians. The show was so hilarious and made me laughed so hard. Here is one of the most hilarious clip from the show. Since its a really old show (this was like 8 years ago!) its hard to find the full episodes on youtube. In this video here, you will see Donghae (one of the members of Super Junior) trying to get into the English Village by answering some simple questions in english. Beware! Donghae is too adorable here, it will be hard not to love this pure minded boy after watching it.

So, being the excited fans that we were, could not wait to get there. Since Paju was about 1.5 hours away from Seoul, we left our place in the morning.


When we alighted from the bus, the place looked so empty. The bus stop was not even in front of the English Village. We actually walked to the wrong side thinking that it was the main entrance but we were wrong.


Even with the sun shining brightly in the sky, it was freezing cold that my fingers froze in pain each time I am not wearing gloves.


As soon as we entered, I saw this train tracks calling me. It was the charmingly quaint.


There is just something about train tracks that is so attractive. When I was younger, I used to watch old shows that showcases people saying goodbyes before boarding their train. Perhaps that’s why train tracks such as these seems pretty nostalgic to me.


Anyway this is not a real train track, I think its for the tram. Lol.

I love how the dried branches of the tree fascinates me.


Here we were to purchase the tickets in.8

The place looked huge and we were all given a map so that we can plan our route.


We were also given a ‘passport’, to be stamped when we successfully speak english with the person at the counter. Needless to say, it was a piece of cake for us since we mainly communicate in english in Singapore.


We were also greeted by pretty tiles of art.


They were hand drawn and decorated by kids. I love this idea. I have been wanting to do it for my students but………..time, or rather, the lack of it.


The place looked like a deserted town. There was no one in sight. I am not sure if there were lesser visitors because of the cold, or because the village was not as popular as before.


However, being the happy tourists that we were, we were ecstatic that we had the place to ourselves!


This meant that more crazy poses for photos and more singing loudly in public. Only for Effa.


Here at City Hall. All the buildings looked so real.



They were huge too.


t was actually quite enjoyable to stroll around. We were mentally prepared of the cold since we knew we were going to be outdoors most of the time.


Ta da! We arrived at open space concert place where there was a frozen pond.


It was so beautiful. I had the urge to keep snapping photos from my camera.




Its impossible not to take selfies!


The other side of the pond was equally lovely.


I am still amazed by the fact that the sun can be shining so brightly and yet it was still freezing cold. #suaku.


First time travelling with bestie’s family and here is her mum and auntie, or they call themselves ‘Makcik Makcik Melancong’. (Translate: Tourist aunties lol.)


Since it was really cold we could not stay out too long so we decided to take one group selfie. Finding a good spot and right angle was a little tricky but I thought these 2 photos turned out great nevertheless.


Our next pit stop was the ‘police station’.


It was a role play police station and since no one was around…..


The bestie and me were giggling and laughing while entering it because were reminded of the SJ boys funny antics when they were here on Full House. Guess how hard we laughed when we saw the word ‘monkey’ on this board!


Then we saw the mini jail and was reminded of this scene of Heechul and Hangeng. They were ‘jailed’ because they could not speak the right English.


Being crazy fangirls, we did the same…..


Spot the similarities? Lol.


We had so much fun. You have to watch the Full House episodes to understand why we were laughing continually at the ‘police station’.

This cute red mail box was right outside the ‘police station’.


It was time to move on. We had fun here.


Gorgeous sun hiding behind tangled dried branches.

38Its the perfect meeting place.


I think we were too tired and cold to walk around the entire village. Some of the paintings on the buildings were cute.


I think the English Village is now being used by schools to help students learn english. While we were there, we spotted large groups of students coming and having classes at one of the buildings. They were excited to see us too! Perhaps there is not many tourists around for them to practice their english.


An inspirational message.


The English Village is definitely not a common place for tourists to visit but we were really glad we went. Its always good to see something new, even for us who are from an english speaking environment.

I am not sure how the place looks like in other seasons so if you have any experience of visiting the English Village, do share with me the link to your blog entry!

We left English Village and proceeded to Provence Village next, which I will write in my next entry.